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eCommerce built on top of Sylius in just 3 weeks

ilunch - eCommerce Built on top of Sylius
ilunch - eCommerce Built on top of Sylius


Télé Restau is a service designed by i-LUNCH in June 2020, following the COVID-19 health crisis. Many companies were forced to reinvent the way they operate. One of the biggest challenges was to adapt to a new, remote working routine.
Facing the new situation, companies started to realize they need to take care of their employees’ well-being just as it was when they worked in their own offices.
Based on this observation, i-LUNCH decided to expand its regular, corporate catering offer with a real alternative for all remote workers. That’s how Télé Restau came to life, offering the first remote restaurant experience with daily meal delivery and sale service. Their actual catering offer is canteen 2.0, delivering pre-ordered food in to workers.


For the last few months, the COVID-19 outbreak rapidly created new challenges for almost all of us. The situation was changing almost from day to day. i-LUNCH deeply believed that fast implementation was crucial to help as many companies as possible adapt to the new situation and keep their employees’ morale high.
What’s more, the innovative idea of Télé Restau sparked a lot of interest among potential customers even before the official launch. One of their biggest corporate clients wanted to take advantage of their offer as quickly as possible. That’s why the platform launch was aligned with the strict date the customer planned to start offering it internally to its employees.
A very tight timeline to deliver a working MVP (Minimum Viable Product) came with additional challenges:

  • Scope, priorities, and work in progress were adjusted with a highly agile approach
  • The whole platform’s visual design was developed on the go in fast feedback loops
  • Implementation of highly customized features tailored to the needs of individual enterprise customers with easy future development in mind

& Outcome

Thanks to BitBag’s highest standards of project management, development and communication, we were able to transform the client’s vision into a robust eCommerce platform within just 3 weeks.

Building the whole platform included:

  • Usage of well-tested components and Sylius structure which sped up the process
  • Rigorous code quality assurance thanks to built-in testing capabilities
  • Advanced customization by adding features not supported out-of-the-box
  • Data migration and integration to customize the existing i-LUNCH offer for new market

Thanks to a highly agile approach, we managed to create a customized eCommerce platform based on Sylius within 21 days.

The whole platform was adjusted to the client’s needs and industry by adding in shipping and delivery calendars as additional features. Also, special discounts can be set per enterprise and per client for a more personalized offer.

Thanks to extremely fast delivery, the client was able to enter a completely new and yet underserved market in a very short time (that also means keeping ahead of the competition). With a great idea and quality, fast technical implementation, Télé Restau is now set to make the remote work experience as great as it can possibly be.


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  • 3 weeks: Time of implementation
  • Advanced customization
  • Data migration and integration

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