Outsourcing development team:

Support in eZ Platform CMS and Sylius implementations




Infolox is a digital omnichannel agency providing top-level B2B solutions for industry and commerce. Their portfolio comprises digital solutions for omnichannel marketing, e-commerce, and product communication — online and printed. Infolox focuses on consulting, implementation and maintenance of solutions for hidden champions in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland — mainly manufacturers of technology items and wholesale traders dealing with such items worldwide.

Infolox has been building their impressive reputation since 2003. Today, they employ around 40 highly qualified employees at its Lindau and Dortmund locations.


Infolox were facing a problem with the recruitment of specialists in one technical field in which they are specialized. Namely, PHP development with eZ Platform CMS and Sylius e-Commerce Platform. Those two open-source Symfony-driven solutions are part of their technology stack. It is difficult to extend a team of excellence, able to command all the best vendors’ practices and to understand the business factor at the same time.


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Solution & Outcome

Therefore, Infolox decided to outsource a part of its technical team to BitBag. At that time, BitBag were able to take care of supporting the solution and projects in technical aspects that are so well known to us.

We established a scalable team working on software engineering for frontend and backend, including the coordination of the team members. Using our know-how on different vendors, we have helped Infolox to get the best out of open-source software and project-specific development for their customers.

The Grand Final


Thanks to agile-driven responsibility separation, process optimization, and well-distributed areas of experience, we have been able to help Infolox in meeting its goals faster and optimize its customers’ digital experience.

Infolox decided to rely on BitBag’s expertise and outsource part of the IT team based on a long-term agreement.


Outsourcing development team

  • Development eZ Platform CMS and Sylius
  • Project support
  • Coordination of team members
We are happy to have found an experienced but at the same time young and fresh partner who helps
us to staff our projects with highly qualified Symfony developers and enables us to handle even more
and larger projects for our B2B customers in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
Gunnar Fuelle
Managing Director
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