Sylius Plus - Modular eCommerce Platform

Sylius Plus is a modular eCommerce platform providing high-class functionalities dedicated to every business that focuses on dynamic development. Sylius Plus concentrates on delivering multiple custom solutions, unlimited workflow-driven scalability, and superior performance.
Offer Your Business the Ideal Solution for Market Leaders' eCommerce and subscribe for the value you really need.

Common issues of Enterprise-grade eCommerce platforms

Frequent breakdowns and downtime

Enormous revenue loss due to system failures or the need to fix bugs.

Crashes during peak times

On days like Black Friday, Christmas, or other holidays, your eCommerce must be able to handle large amounts of orders and increased traffic without interruptions.

Hard-to-implement integrations

Do integrations with other company systems, including accounting, inventory, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems seem hard or even impossible? Your platform shouldn't be your limitation.

Security issues

You can't afford to have (customer) data breaches. Website protection includes securing sensitive data private business data, as well as the safety of the whole eCommerce platform.

Insufficient performance

Your website needs to run fast and efficiently all the time. If increased traffic blocks your servers and causes the site to load slowly, or worse, not at all, you'll lose customers – and revenue.

Low conversion rates

If your conversion rates are unsatisfactory, the problem may be due to, for example, an unintuitive user journey or an unattractive page layout.

Why Sylius Plus?

Security updates and new features

As part of your Sylius Plus subscription, you have access to new features and security updates.


Sylius Plus offers a selection of up to 9 modules, depending on your needs. The modules are the following: Multi-source Inventory, Loyalty, Returns Management, RBAC, Multi-store, Partial Shipment, B2B and One Page Checkout. 

Flexible prices

The price of Sylius Plus depends on the number of selected modules and the gross merchandise volume (GMV) obtained through the Sylius software.


The source code is based on a high-quality framework - Symfony and uses good coding practices, which will significantly facilitate the developers' work.

Headless & PWA ready

Sylius comes with a powerful REST API. It can be connected with Vue Storefront to make it a PWA (Progressive web application).


Easy to integrate with any existing solution. You may choose from many existing integrations or create a new one.


Manage multiple channels from a single dashboard and provide a completely quality-driven experience.

Sylius Plus Modules

Sylius Plus is a solution consisting of modules, so you can freely adapt it to the needs of your eCommerce business. Thanks to this solution, you reduce costs and have the opportunity to create a personalized, efficient, and scalable platform.

B2B Suite

The B2B module offers a suite of tools designed specifically for the B2B business model. It includes functionalities such as organization management, order management, custom price lists for individual customer segments, quick purchases, advanced search engines, and many wishlists.

Sylius Plus Marketplace

It is a highly efficient and extensible solution dedicated to online stores with multiple independent sellers and virtual shopping malls with separate departments or selling channels. The module provides crucial features need to marketplace platform.

Multi-store management

Set up and manage all of the different units from one dashboard, without the need to access them with different credentials.

Returns Management  (RMA)

The "Returns Management" functionality enables customers to handle their returns within the "My Account" area. Meanwhile, staff members can effortlessly review and process these returns via the administrative dashboard.

Multi-source inventory

The "Multi-source inventory" feature facilitates sending products from the most suitable source and lets you monitor product availability across various sites. This component integrates seamlessly with enterprise resource planning (ERP) or warehouse management system (WMS) platforms.

Partial order fulfillment

Partial shipments allow you to divide an order into several shipments when dealing with products with different shipping requirements or availability. Thanks to this module, the store can handle such orders more efficiently, reducing delivery time and providing precise tracking information for each package.

Loyalty programs

Enhance your marketing strategy by building long-term relationships with customers and motivating them to place orders in your store thanks to a loyalty system.

Advanced user permissions

With this module, store proprietors with a diverse team can allocate access rights based on an employee's role. This approach helps safeguard sensitive information by ensuring only the right individuals have access. 

One Page Checkout

Place all the steps necessary to complete the order on one page and ensure that your customers complete the purchase with one click - it leads to fewer abandoned carts, a higher conversion rate, and better UX!

Sylius Standard and Sylius Plus Comparison

Good performance out-of-the-box
Great security
Good for Enterprise
Advanced multi-store management
Marketplace Features
Returns management
Partial order fulfillment
Multi-source inventory
Partial order fulfillment
Advanced user permissions
Admins per channel
Loyalty system
One Page Checkout
Organization Management
Customer Groups Pricing Lists
Organization Pricing Lists
Quick Shopping
Efficient search engine
Order Management
Multiple Wishlists
Import/Export Integration Layer
Backed by an SLA
Impact on the product
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Sylius-Related services

What our clients say about us?

We chose BitBag because they had qualified Sylius developers on board, and they agreed to the form of cooperation we proposed, which was very important to us. From the very beginning, the cooperation went our way. Our team of programmers and BitBag programmers learned from each other and exchanged experiences, which had a positive impact on the efficiency and quality of work. The BitBag team has demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in adapting to our office culture and processes. All these aspects allowed for the efficient implementation of the successful project.
Michael Schürpf - CTO at Lensvision AG
Philipp Barthold
CTO at Mytheresa
The great advantage of our cooperation is that we managed to find a common language with developers and front-enders.
Thanks to this, our meetings and work progress very effectively!
Grzegorz Berłowski
Vice-president, CIO at Albeco
BitBag is a strong partner and a great addition to our partner network. We are very happy with the plugin that their team has built in collaboration with us to bring the Adyen all-in-one payment platform to merchants on Sylius, thus enabling even more growth opportunities for their businesses.
Sascha Schwägele - Senior Manager Commercial Partnerships at Adyen
Sascha Schwägele
Senior Manager Commercial Partnerships
at Adyen
The cooperation between Mollie and Bitbag has been a very fruitful and exciting experience. From the first conversations where we could align the goals and ambitions of both Bitbag and Mollie, we grew into a relation of continuous improvement. Currently, we can definitely say that we are the best possible Payment Service provider within the Sylius platform, thanks to the experience of Bitbag.
Merijn van Zuidam - Lead Technical Partner Manager at Mollie
Merijn van Zuidam
Lead Technical Partner Manager
at Mollie B. V.
Cooperation with BitBag and choosing Sylius was one of our best decisions. In a short time, we received a flexible solution for selling tickets that meets all our expectations. The professional approach and commitment of the entire team made the end result of our cooperation very satisfying.
Sebastian Dudek
Event Manager at PHPers
We chose BitBag because we believed that they are the company that best knows how to use Sylius to build an e-commerce platform. It was the right choice, BitBag helped us to build a system that not only saves our money but also allows us to build our business without fear of being limited by software.
Jarosław Majcher
CTO at Folkstar
It was a pleasure to work with BitBag. They were available in both good and bad times. They have a very professional attitude and a very high standard of code, with a clear focus on testability and architecture. They did a fantastic job while kickstarting our project with an Event Storming session and helped us build our first MVP.
Michael Schürpf - CTO at Lensvision AG
Michael Schürpf
CTO at Lensvision AG
BitBag helped us with delivering a project previous agency failed to do. They have extensive knowledge of Sylius & eCommerce software which makes their work efficient, more stable and less expensive than that of their competitors, especially in the long term.
Aliaksei Arochka - Product Owner at P24.BY
Aliaksei Arochka
Product Owner at P24.BY
Despite an extensive time difference, BitBag's attention to detail and willingness to look out for the best interests of our business has allowed us to scale our online presence and expand our business into new markets. We appreciate BitBag's patient approach and the clarity they provide when it comes to meeting our requests and planning new development. They have performed numerous services for us including a UX audit and numerous development projects, and even offer insights into the most efficient ways to scale up our online operations. Whether it be over video calls or through any of our many daily check-ins, BitBag is always willing to offer us detailed feedback and guidance on many aspects of our eCommerce platform. This also includes working alongside other external agencies and developers, which requires attention to detail and extensive cooperation.
Kato von Essen - Content Director at West Coast Gifts Inc.
Kato von Essen
Content Director at West Coast Gifts Inc.


Does Sylius Plus come with an SLA?

Sylius Plus offers three levels of SLA technical support, ensuring reliable assistance with the first level included in your purchase and guaranteeing official vendor support whenever you encounter an issue.

What are the extras attached to the license?

Dedicated contact
Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who will be your primary contact and responsible for the success of the project.
Impact on the Product
As a Sylius Plus customer, you have a priority influence on product development, with your feedback directly shaping the future features and direction of Sylius Plus.
Premium access to all updates
Get early access to pre-releases and frequent upgrades with backward solid compatibility, ensuring your eCommerce platform is always at the forefront of innovation and security.
Configurable License Costs
Sylius Plus offers a modular and cost-effective pricing structure, allowing you to pay only for the features relevant to your project, making it a more affordable solution than other market options.

How much does Sylius Plus cost?

Since Sylius Plus became modular, the price starts at 800€ / year, but the final price depends on the number of modules & other factors.


The source code is based on a high-quality framework - Symfony and uses good coding practices, which will significantly facilitate the developers' work.

Can I buy just one of the modules?

Yes, you can buy one or as many as you need because Sylius Plus is modular.

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