Customized B2B eCommerce Solutions for Wholesalers, Distributors, and Manufacturers

Achieve Optimal Business Performance with the Sylius Framework

We implement our B2B projects mainly based on the Sylius framework, which allows us to create a B2B platform tailored to the individual needs of the business. Sylius is characterized by wide personalization options, innovative functionalities, scalability, flexibility, and performance.

Are you wondering if we can help you?
Answer the following questions:

Is the industry you operate in exceedingly regulated?

Do you have complex requirements resulting from the way your business operates?

Do you need integrations with various ERP, PIM, CRM, accounting, inventory systems (depending on your supply chain), or other tools?

Are you looking for extended, flexible payment and shipping options?

Do you need a developed rich-in-features CMS system?

Does your current eCommerce software lack popular functionality?

Do your clients use your organization's business accounts?

Do you want to improve and speed up the purchasing process for your customers?

Are you looking for a solution to help manage orders for different customers with different prices?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, we probably have the B2B eCommerce solutions you are looking for.

What can we do for you?

Process of creation - how our solutions meet your eCommerce store goals

Customized B2B eCommerce solutions

By basing projects on Sylius, we are able to meet complex legal regulations and other non-standard requirements related to a given market or industry. Sylius offers B2B features, such as pricing lists for customer groups and organizations, quick shopping, multi-wishlists, efficient search engines, and more. 

Migrations: Start on the new level

Does your current platform not meet your expectations and business needs? Change it! We provide support with migration from any eCommerce platform.

Product Information Management: Control information

We offer the implementation of  PIM solutions. PIM is excellent for controlling customer orders, customer data, shipping methods, price negotiation, price lists, quote management, product categories, creating ads, and many more features in your online store.

Maintenance and long-term support

We can provide you with your B2B eCommerce project maintenance and long-term support - platform upgrades, updates and implementation of apps and plugins, and new eCommerce store feature development.

Import/Export of data

Data migration is a necessity when switching to a new platform. We can easily import data to the store and also export them to another file. We also offer a ready-made solution for stores based on Sylius.


Multichannel is definitely one of the strongest points of the B2B eCommerce strategy. It allows you to increase brand visibility and reach more customers. Thanks to the top-class technologies we use, we will provide you with as many channels as you want.

A platform for mobile devices

In order to adapt the platforms to mobile devices, you do not need a dedicated mobile application. As a simpler and faster but equally effective solution, we offer the implementation of PWA, which will provide users with trouble-free use of your store using mobile devices.

Integrations with external systems

It doesn't matter how many tools your business uses. We will integrate them within one user-friendly platform. We can integrate with any system like PIM, CRM, CMS, accounting, inventory management, and many others, including essential marketing tools.


Technologies trusted by leaders

The crucial B2B eCommerce features

Customer Groups Pricing Lists

This feature is useful for businesses with different customer pricing, such as wholesalers or distributors. It can also set special discounts or promotions for certain customer groups. Administrators can create tailored pricing lists for specific customer groups, adding products and setting individual prices for each. 

Organization Pricing Lists

Organizations can use custom pricing lists created by administrators to provide tailored pricing for their users. Administrators can quickly and easily create pricing lists with specific products and set individual prices for each; organization users can view these custom prices instead of the default prices. 

Quick Shopping

This functionality allows you to place a wholesale order with many items and variants on one subpage, without having to browse through multiple categories. Just enter the SKU code or start typing the product name and the system will start showing you suggestions from the store. After specifying the desired quantity of a given product, the customer can add everything to the cart with one click.


With multi-wishlists functionality, you can easily create, manage, and share multiple wishlists tailored to different customers or departments. Quickly add items to different lists, move them between them, and add them directly to the basket, specifying their number or variants (e.g., size, color) for an efficient and personalized shopping experience.

Elasticsearch/Efficient search engine

Elasicsearch makes it easier to quickly search and narrow down your options with product names, attributes, categories, and more. When customers enter a phrase, they'll instantly see suggestions from your store. This powerful tool saves time and gives customers confidence that the desired product is available. This solution will become an excellent tool for discovering your offer.

Organization Management

By creating one master account, billing information, address books, and order histories can all be shared, granting access to the entire organization. Furthermore, roles can be assigned to members to ensure the security of sensitive information e.g., admin may only be able to add new customers and adjust billing data.

Order Management

Customers can browse and add products to their cart on their own, or they can contact the customer service team at your store for assistance with their purchase.  With this feature, you can manage your customers' orders with ease. Our intuitive admin panel allows you to quickly and easily create and customize customer orders and make changes or reorder with a few simple clicks.

Import/Export Integration Layer

Your company relies on many systems to power your daily operations. With real-time data updates, you can maximize efficiency and save time. Accurate stock levels, product prices, and order synchronization are essential for production and distribution. No matter if you want to implement CRM, ERP, PIM, or any other system, this developer-friendly feature allows you to quickly create custom importers and exporters that will streamline your migration process.

Cut to the chase - How do we start?

One of the project's main challenges is collecting all the requirements and creating an initial estimation that helps initiate the start of work on the project (customized B2B eCommerce site, not “copy-paste” like many cloud-based platforms). For this purpose, we have created a service – Vision-To-Plan eCommerce Workshops.

We approach each workshop individually. In short, the process of our work is shown in the graphic.

Remember that every €1 you spend on planning can save you up to €10 in unnecessary (eCommerce) development costs.
Tell us about your (and your customers) expectations so that we can build something amazing! Clients' success and satisfaction are very important to us.
Workshops are needed so that we can get to know each other's expectations. Both you and we can determine after them whether we decide to cooperate or not.
If you want to know more about workshops, go to the Vision-To-Plan eCommerce Workshops.

Let's make your eCommerce platform great together!

Behind the scenes

Project management in BitBag

Full support in choosing the right technology for your project

After collecting all the key information, our experts will advise you which technology will work best for your company. If we reach an agreement, we will start cooperation. This is undoubtedly the most important part of the entire process. You might be interested in how we work, so let's take a closer look.

Agile methodology

The development process is divided into several phases. At the end of each stage, the work results are tested and consulted with you. It is the perfect time to share your opinion and provide feedback on any changes or improvements. We work mainly in Agile, but we select project management methodologies to suit the client and the needs because we know each project differs.


We prefer to communicate with you via our Slack channel. For this purpose, we will create a particular channel with people engaged in projects on both our and your side. In some situations, it is possible to use different channels like e-mail or Google Hangouts.

Team composition

It may be changed depending on the type of cooperation, but in general, the structure looks like this:

  • Project Manager – “The Link” between technology and business – they make sure everything goes well and on time
  • Developers – “The Executors” – they will make your image turn into a live project
  • Quality Assurance – “The Bug Killer” – if there’s anything that could be causing your system to crash, he’ll find it
  • (Optional) Designer – “The Magician” – he will make the website gain a beautiful UI and will take care of UX.
The method of settlement

Choosing a suitable work model depends on many factors, such as the scope of your project, your goals, and your budget. The work can be commissioned with the option of a Fixed Price or Time and Material. We established it at the beginning of cooperation. However, the project generally is not a closed product. It is not a thing that will be created once and will always look the same. The requirements can be changed, updated, or developed at any time. During the work, even the main idea behind the project can sometimes change.

Our implementations - Check the live B2B eCommerce platforms


The most advanced search engine for B2B eCommerce powered by Sylius

Synchronization of stock levels with ERP (120 thousand products from several warehouses are synchronized in a minute)
Increasing the conversion of the purchasing process
The transparent and advanced product search engine that allows presenting the entire product range

Reliable eCommerce platform for B2B customers

Integration with SAP
Multi-inventory management
Custom search engine - support for a million products

Elevating Global Luxury Fashion eCommerce with High-end Sylius Framework

Data import & export
Migration of many millions of users
Unlimited flexibility and scalability

Migration from Magento to Shopware: eCommerce with healthy and organic food

Magento -> Shopware migration
Implementation Shopware-based functionalities
Long-term cooperation
Planeta Huerto (Carrefour group)

eCommerce for Grocery: Advanced Sylius-based system with Pimcore integration

Integration with Pimcore
Blog page implemetation - our Sylius CMS Plugin
Payments integration - Adyen, Aplazame

One of the top-of-mind Sylius payment solutions

11 payment methods included
Easy addition of new payment methods via the drop-in

Support in online marketplace development

Development of online marketplace
Integrations of various third-party tools
eCommerce complex solutions

Outsourcing development team: Support in eZ Platform CMS and Sylius implementations

Development eZ Platform CMS and Sylius
Project support
Coordination of team members
Jast USA

Video Games Marketplace: Migration from Magento to Sylius

Fast and secure file download mechanism
Custom 'Regional Pricing' system 
New VueJS frontend application

Lighting industry: Upgrade Sylius from version 1.2 to 1.11

Easier and faster introduction of new functionalities
Automation in the admin panel
Search engine modifications

Scalable and Flexible Platform: Migration from WooCommerce to Sylius

Migration of content, products, and data
Customizing design and functionality
Integration with the Google ecosystem

Advanced and extended payment gateway integration for Sylius

Many payment methods
Refund handling
Deferred payments
PHPers Summit

A modern Sylius-based ticketing system

Ticket selling system
Ticket reservation system
Great performance

Headless solution with Sylius and Pimcore under the hood

Migration from WooCommerce
Headless solution with Sylius backend under the hood
Pimcore implementation
Clickable Automotive

Migration from Magento 1 to Sylius: The time zone is no longer a barrier.

Implementation of search engine - Quick-finder and fitment
Promotion system
Single page checkout
Order management

“Creating the most loved payment gateway on Sylius”

The most advanced PSP integration for Sylius
Management of payment methods
Partial shipment, partial refunds

Mobile & web eCommerce app built on top of Sylius

+200% The average number of sold lenses
+50 New opticians, after the first MVP version
The solution that stands for years

eCommerce built on top of Sylius in just 3 weeks

Time of implementation - 3 weeks 
Advanced customization
Data migration and integration

One of the leading e-grocery stores based on Sylius in Belarus

+400% Increase in online sales
+250% Increase of mobile traffic
+70% Faster page loading time
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B2B eCommerce in practice

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