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We meet every need and recommend the best solution for companies and businesses worldwide.

eCommerce Software Engineering

Our experienced and agile team provides a flexible but stable and highly professional code.
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We won't leave you high and dry. We do our best to provide help as long as you wish.
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BitBag are eCommerce software engineering experts

Consisting of people who love what they do and do it right. We fulfill eCommerce technology stack with Akeneo and Pimcore for PIM or eZ. We know that practice makes perfect. That’s why we create independent solutions all the time, like the Sylius CMS, Elasticsearch integration, Wishlist, and many more. It makes us one of the leading open-source and enterprise plugins providers.
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We are the official Sylius leading partner with a huge commitment

We hire over 20 experienced Sylius developers, maintain more than 25 open-source extensions used by people all over the world and deliver awesome eCommerce projects on top of it!

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