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Advanced and extended payment gateway integration for Sylius



imoje is the first online payment gateway in Poland provided by ING Bank Śląski since 2018. It offers all the most popular payment methods, such as BLIK, e-transfers, card payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets, and deferred payments (imoje płacę później – PayPo, Twisto and PragmaGO) provided in cooperation with PayPo and Twisto.

This solution stands out with its comprehensive and constantly improved API, allowing advanced eCommerce systems to implement the desired connections between their own systems and the payment gateway infrastructure.


The client, planning to expand the availability of their solution, approached us with a request to create an imoje integration module with the Sylius eCommerce system.

The growing popularity of the platform on the Polish market and our rich experience in creating solutions on top of it (we are an official technology partner of Sylius) convinced our client to take advantage of our offer. A received assignment included the development of a comprehensive imoje payment gateway plugin in accordance with the current technical documentation and requirements provided.



Thanks to its open and accessible API policy, Sylius enables developers to easily implement custom solutions and popular extensions.
Our SyliusINGPlugin allows for:

  • E-transfer payments (PBL payments)
  • Payment with payment cards, including Apple Pay and Google Pay electronic wallets
  • Deferred payments (PayPo and Twisto)
  • Payment in different currencies
  • Partial and full refunds from the shop’s administration panel
  • BLIK support

Solution & Outcome

One of the most important factors that influence online shopping are offered payment methods, so implementing online payments is necessary for online store owners. Furthermore, due to the convenient access from different devices, the speed of transaction processing, and ease of use, online payments are chosen willingly by both sellers (eCommerce owners) and buyers (eCommerce customers).

Thanks to the cooperation with ING, we have created a fully functional integration with the Sylius platform, updated to the latest version.

  • Implementation of payment methods provided by imoje, i.e. pay-by-link, Visa, BLIK, imoje płacę później, card – Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Partial/full returns support
  • Multi-currency

Thanks to the integration, imoje has increased the number of supported eCommerce platforms, meeting the expectations of their current and future customers. Such an approach is part of the comprehensive strategy of ING Bank Śląski in servicing companies in all aspects of their operation.

Thanks to it, as imoje, we have increased the number of supported eCommerce platforms. This is one of the activities that is part of the strategy of servicing companies by ING Bank Śląski. We know that customers appreciate such solutions.

Creating new payment methods

The SyliusIngPlugin allows you to create a new payment method – imoje payment.

Within the admin panel, you can create and edit payment methods (i.e. configure the payment gateway) as well as define which payment methods will be visible to your customers.

Once the payment method is correctly configured, all available imoje payments (pay-by-link, Visa, BLIK, imoje płacę później, Apple Pay, and Google Pay) will be displayed on the front of the store. However, it is worth noting that before displaying all the payment methods, the application sends another API request to ING to verify which payments can be used by the customer.

Card payments

In recent years, credit and debit cards have become increasingly popular as payment methods for online purchases. Not only are they convenient, but they are also ideal for recurring payments such as subscriptions and memberships, as customers need only to provide their card details once, and a fixed amount will be charged automatically every month.

In order to use this payment method in Sylius-based eCommerce, customers need to fill in their card details, such as the card number, expiration date, and CVV/CVC code, then approve the transaction. To make this process smoother, ING has developed a widget that allows customers to enter these details when selecting the payment card option quickly.

imoje-case-study-Płatności kartą

Partial/full returns

The returns process should be free, easy to use, and hassle-free for customers to ensure maximum satisfaction. A well-crafted and convenient returns policy can be a deciding factor for customers when considering their purchase from an e-shop. A return policy that is clearly outlined, easy to understand, and suitable for the customer’s needs can be the difference between a successful purchase and a lost sale.

With imoje payments, you can provide your customers with an efficient returns system that allows for flexible returns and refunds. In addition, it will create a more positive and trusting relationship between you and your customers, increasing loyalty and repeat purchases.



The integration of international and local payment methods offered by imoje

  • Many payment methods
  • Refund handling
  • Deferred payments
As imoje, we are constantly looking for opportunities to make our solution available to an increasing number of clients, which primarily involves establishing relationships with new eCommerce platforms.
In the case of Sylius, we were looking for a company with the status of an official partner, guaranteeing good knowledge of the technological environment and the quality of work performed. Contact with Mr. Radosław (CSO) reassured me that I had made the right choice, and the entire cooperation process was carried out in a professional and friendly atmosphere.
Marcin Popowski
Product Manager
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