Sylius Consulting - support for eCommerce projects based on Sylius

Sylius Consulting is a service that includes support and consulting for eCommerce projects built on Sylius. Our team of experts will provide you with tailored consulting services for Sylius, whether it's optimizing store performance, improving functionality, or training your team.

Why is it worth using our consultations?

Having completed over 150 Sylius-based projects, we have gained extensive knowledge of the typical challenges and pitfalls of working with this system.

The experience we have gained with Sylius allows us to quickly and effectively identify potential problems and propose effective solutions before these problems arise, saving time and resources.

As a result, our knowledge and experience with Sylius constitute a solid basis for building efficient and stable eCommerce systems, providing our clients with a competitive advantage and reduced implementation time.

What does the “Sylius Consulting” include?

#1 eCommerce Store Audit

The audit offers deep insight into performance and identifying key areas for optimization. Our experts will perform a detailed analysis of your store's architecture, user experience, and technical aspects, providing strategic recommendations. Our goal is not only to diagnose potential problems but, above all, to propose effective solutions that will increase operational efficiency and improve the overall user shopping experience in your store.

What's going on with this migration?

Not every online store encountering problems has to undergo a complicated and time-consuming migration process immediately. There are many ways to address technical debt without abandoning your current platform.

The key aspect is effectively identifying and fixing problems without introducing additional migration complications by optimizing and improving current solutions.

Artera is an example of a company whose case study shows how you can turn around an online store struggling with technical problems without the need to migrate it. Thanks to a deep analysis of the existing infrastructure and the use of effective solutions, our team significantly improved the performance and stability of the eCommerce platform while minimizing the risks and costs associated with migration. See case study

#2 Training workshops

Strengthen your team's Sylius competence with our specialized training workshops. The workshop program is created individually depending on your needs - from the key functionalities of Sylius through its basics to advanced methods of personalization and optimization and even team-lead mentoring.

Thanks to the workshops, you will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively use the full potential of Sylius, maximizing its capabilities and contributing to the success of your business.

#3 Project Readiness Workshops

The workshops are designed to tailor Sylius to the individual needs of your business.

  • During the workshops, we focus on identifying potential challenges your project may face and assessing the extent to which Sylius can meet the specific requirements of your project.
  • We will help you align the expectations of all stakeholders, clearly define project goals, and develop a work schedule.

Thanks to this approach, we are able not only to adapt the platform's functionalities to the unique needs of your organization but also to indicate precisely the areas that may require special focus.

The result of our actions is not only to increase the chances of success of your project but also to ensure that your investment in the Sylius platform will be as effective as possible and tailored to your company's needs.

Cost of Sylius Consulting

The price for each service is determined individually depending on the needs, scale of the project, and scope of consultation.

Why is it worth choosing us?

We are a Sylius Global Partner and work on its technological and business development on a daily basis.

We have top specialists on board - we invite only 5% (1 out of 20) of recruited developers to join the team.

We have already completed over 150 various projects related to Sylius.

We cooperate with small, medium, and large B2C and B2B companies, so we understand clients' needs from various sectors.

We have experience in fashion, food, automotive, optical, gaming, and many other industries.

We take an individual approach and adapt our services to each client.

Our Projects


Elevating Global Luxury Fashion eCommerce with High-end Sylius Framework

Data import & export
Migration of many millions of users
Unlimited flexibility and scalability
Planeta Huerto (Carrefour group)

eCommerce for Grocery: Advanced Sylius-based system with Pimcore integration

Integration with Pimcore
Blog page implemetation - our Sylius CMS Plugin
Payments integration - Adyen, Aplazame

Outsourcing development team: Support in eZ Platform CMS and Sylius implementations

Development eZ Platform CMS and Sylius
Project support
Coordination of team members
Jast USA

Video Games Marketplace: Migration from Magento to Sylius

Fast and secure file download mechanism
Custom 'Regional Pricing' system 
New VueJS frontend application

The most advanced search engine for B2B eCommerce powered by Sylius

Synchronization of stock levels with ERP (120 thousand products from several warehouses are synchronized in a minute)
Increasing the conversion of the purchasing process
The transparent and advanced product search engine that allows presenting the entire product range

One of the leading e-grocery stores based on Sylius in Belarus

+400% Increase in online sales
+250% Increase of mobile traffic
+70% Faster page loading time
Clickable Automotive

Migration from Magento 1 to Sylius: The time zone is no longer a barrier.

Implementation of search engine - Quick-finder and fitment
Promotion system
Single page checkout
Order management
PHPers Summit

A modern Sylius-based ticketing system

Ticket selling system
Ticket reservation system
Great performance

Scalable and Flexible Platform: Migration from WooCommerce to Sylius

Migration of content, products, and data
Customizing design and functionality
Integration with the Google ecosystem

Mobile & web eCommerce app built on top of Sylius

+200% The average number of sold lenses
+50 New opticians, after the first MVP version
The solution that stands for years

Reliable eCommerce platform for B2B customers

Integration with SAP
Multi-inventory management
Custom search engine - support for a million products

Lighting industry: Upgrade Sylius from version 1.2 to 1.11

Easier and faster introduction of new functionalities
Automation in the admin panel
Search engine modifications

One of the top-of-mind Sylius payment solutions

11 payment methods included
Easy addition of new payment methods via the drop-in

Advanced and extended payment gateway integration for Sylius

Many payment methods
Refund handling
Deferred payments

“Creating the most loved payment gateway on Sylius”

The most advanced PSP integration for Sylius
Management of payment methods
Partial shipment, partial refunds

We are Sylius Global Partner

Start developing your eCommerce business!

Don't let technological challenges stand in the way of your business development. In the world of eCommerce, adapting technology to the individual needs of the company is crucial to achieving success.

Therefore, if you are looking for specialist support in the Sylius area, contact us!

Our team of experts is ready to adapt to your unique needs, providing flexible and tailored consulting solutions. Whether it's about customizing functionality, integrating with other systems, or optimizing eCommerce processes - we are here to support your development.

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