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Custom Plugin Development for Shopware and Sylius

During dozens of Shopware and Sylius platform implementations, we had to face the issue of creating and developing lots of custom, bespoke functionalities. In addition, every single project requires different functions and configurations – so we must consider each of them individually.

Bearing in mind how many of them we have already released, we decided to distinguish the Shopware and Sylius plugin development as another offered service.

Most of our plugins are open-source, so the whole community can develop them. Many different projects use our Sylius plugins to extend functionalities without the need to reinvent the wheel. 

What are the benefits of this approach for our clients?

Promotion of the provided services (e.g., payment gateway)

Increased competitiveness by integrating with a leading growing eCommerce platform

Plugin development and maintenance supported by the worldwide community

Developing brand and/or service recognition

Getting to know the Sylius/Shopware ecosystem

Enhancing customer satisfaction through tailored plugins

Spread your wings with customized Sylius/Shopware plugins

Sell more with less effort

Integrating the new payment gateways, which are unavailable in the standard Sylius distribution.

Build awareness

Extending the shopping experience with new features, e.g.suggestion engines.

Search in the blink of an eye

Optimization of large volume stores through, for instance, integration with effective search engines (Elasticsearch).

Create content that attracts

Customized solutions enabling the adaptation of Sylius to new business areas. 

Get your marketing done

Integration with marketing tools (e.g., Mailchimp) that improves your teamwork.

Monetize your sales

Support sales by extending the available options for describing the stocks.

Be the detective in your webshop

Purchase moderation tools (e.g. BlackListPlugin).

Looking for a plugin tailored to your business?

Step 1

At first - let's talk!

Tell us about your idea. We want to determine the functional scope of the plugin.
Step 2

There is always room for improvement

We may propose additional solutions that would enrich the plugin with functions according to the requirements.
Step 3

Get closer to the goal

We prepare an estimation for the plugin development and then make great things happen!
Step 4

Plugin installation

Implement the plugin to your project and meet your business goals.

How do we create Shopware and Sylius plugins?

1. We create MVP (prototype version) in close contact with the client, minimizing the time spent solving potential problems.
2. We rely on the guidelines prepared by the creators of Sylius.
3. We care about the high quality of the source code, which enables its easier maintenance and expansion with new functions in the future.
4. Each project is equipped with automatic tests that minimize the risk of damage to already operating parts of the project.
5. We provide a test environment on our own infrastructure, which allows for ongoing evaluation of implemented functions and independence of the development process.
6*. (If the clients agree). The plugin will be open-source and available on our GitHub so that the community may continue to develop it.

We have been awarded the “Extension Artisan” badge for the huge commitment to plugin development

Trusted, reliable & scalable technologies for plugin development

ElasticSearch Plugin

Elasticsearch integration for Sylius apps.

Cross-selling Plugin

Offer your customer a chance to purchase complementary products. SyliusCrossSellingPlugin adds a new section to the product page called "Related products."

Bonus Points Plugin

This plugin offers functionality that allows you to configure rules for your customers so they can earn bonus points for shopping.

Adyen Plugin

Sylius Adyen payments integration.

Amazon Pay Plugin

This plugin allows AmazonPay payments in the Sylius store and synchronizes the payment state. It is capable of fetching addresses from the Amazon account.

Blacklist Plugin

This plugin counteracts suspicious behavior in eCommerce. It can be done by blocking purchases with automatic rules or manual analysis of customer behavior.

Braintree Plugin

This plugin allows you to integrate Braintree payment with the Sylius platform app. It includes all Sylius and Braintree payment features, including refunding orders.

Catalog Plugin

Boost sales on your eCommerce platform by providing specific product catalogs tailored to your business needs.

Coinbase Plugin

This plugin allows you to integrate Coinbase payment with the Sylius platform app, including integration with the refunds interface.

DHL24 Shipping Export Plugin

DHL shipping export plugin for Sylius platform applications.

MailChimp Plugin

Simple MailChimp integration with Sylius eCommerce framework.

Mollie Plugin

The most popular and advanced payment gateway integration with Sylius. It includes recurring payments and refunds. Officially certified by Mollie's team.

PayU Plugin

PayU payment plugin for Sylius applications.

Przelewy24 Plugin

This plugin allows you to integrate Przelewy24 payments in your Sylius instance.

Shipping Export Plugin

Shipping export management architecture for Sylius-based apps.

Vue Storefront Plugin

A bridge between Vue Storefront and Sylius.

Do you want us to create a new Sylius/Shopware plugin?

See them in action

Projects that use our plugins


Scalable and Flexible Platform: Migration from WooCommerce to Sylius

Migration of content, products, and data
Customizing design and functionality
Integration with the Google ecosystem
Jast USA

Video Games Marketplace: Migration from Magento to Sylius

Fast and secure file download mechanism
Custom 'Regional Pricing' system 
New VueJS frontend application

Lighting industry: Upgrade Sylius from version 1.2 to 1.11

Easier and faster introduction of new functionalities
Automation in the admin panel
Search engine modifications
Planeta Huerto (Carrefour group)

eCommerce for Grocery: Advanced Sylius-based system with Pimcore integration

Integration with Pimcore
Blog page implemetation - our Sylius CMS Plugin
Payments integration - Adyen, Aplazame

Headless solution with Sylius and Pimcore under the hood

Migration from WooCommerce
Headless solution with Sylius backend under the hood
Pimcore implementation

The most advanced search engine for B2B eCommerce powered by Sylius

Synchronization of stock levels with ERP (120 thousand products from several warehouses are synchronized in a minute)
Increasing the conversion of the purchasing process
The transparent and advanced product search engine that allows presenting the entire product range

One of the top-of-mind Sylius payment solutions

11 payment methods included
Easy addition of new payment methods via the drop-in

Support in online marketplace development

Development of online marketplace
Integrations of various third-party tools
eCommerce complex solutions

Outsourcing development team: Support in eZ Platform CMS and Sylius implementations

Development eZ Platform CMS and Sylius
Project support
Coordination of team members

Reliable eCommerce platform for B2B customers

Integration with SAP
Multi-inventory management
Custom search engine - support for a million products

Elevating Global Luxury Fashion eCommerce with High-end Sylius Framework

Data import & export
Migration of many millions of users
Unlimited flexibility and scalability

Advanced and extended payment gateway integration for Sylius

Many payment methods
Refund handling
Deferred payments
PHPers Summit

A modern Sylius-based ticketing system

Ticket selling system
Ticket reservation system
Great performance
Clickable Automotive

Migration from Magento 1 to Sylius: The time zone is no longer a barrier.

Implementation of search engine - Quick-finder and fitment
Promotion system
Single page checkout
Order management

“Creating the most loved payment gateway on Sylius”

The most advanced PSP integration for Sylius
Management of payment methods
Partial shipment, partial refunds

Mobile & web eCommerce app built on top of Sylius

+200% The average number of sold lenses
+50 New opticians, after the first MVP version
The solution that stands for years

eCommerce built on top of Sylius in just 3 weeks

Time of implementation - 3 weeks 
Advanced customization
Data migration and integration

Migration from Magento to Shopware: eCommerce with healthy and organic food

Magento -> Shopware migration
Implementation Shopware-based functionalities
Long-term cooperation

One of the leading e-grocery stores based on Sylius in Belarus

+400% Increase in online sales
+250% Increase of mobile traffic
+70% Faster page loading time
Plugin development

Get to know our custom solutions

Grow your e-shop possibilities

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