Mirakl - Marketplace Platform for Enterprise

Mirakl is a Software as a Service (SaaS) marketplace platform that enables companies and brands to launch and manage their own online marketplaces. With Mirakl, companies can expand their product offerings by integrating third-party sellers, allowing for rapid product range expansion without the need to increase inventory. This platform supports both retail and B2B sales, offering tools to optimize sales, manage offers, and improve customer experiences.

Why Mirakl?


Microservices Architecture

Headless approach

Flexibility and scalability

High performance

Cloud solution

Key functionalities

Expanding the Offer and Increasing Revenues

Mirakl allows companies to quickly expand their product range without increasing inventories by enabling the sale of products from external suppliers. This can lead to increased revenues and better satisfaction of customer needs.

Scalability and Flexibility

The platform offers flexible solutions that can scale as your business grows. This is especially important for companies that want to quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

Seller Management

Mirakl offers advanced tools for managing a seller network, including onboarding processes, quality management, and performance monitoring.

Integration with Existing Systems

The platform can be integrated with existing eCommerce systems and other business tools, making it easier to synchronize data and processes.

Order Management and Logistics

Mirakl helps you manage orders and logistics processes, which is crucial to ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Support for Various Business Models

The platform is adapted to support various business models, including B2C, B2B, and B2B2C, which allows it to be tailored to the company's specific needs.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Mirakl offers advanced data analysis and reporting tools, allowing you to better understand your market, customers, and seller performance.

Integrated dropshipping operations

With Mirakl, the dropship business is even easier! The online marketplace provides integrated fulfillment support for all products sold on the dropship platform.

Other product of Mirakl

Mirakl Connect

Mirakl Connect for Sellers

Mirakl Ads

Mirakl Target2Sell

Mirakl Catalog Product

Mirakl Payout

Who is Mirakl for?

Mirakl will be a good solution for many businesses, especially those wanting to expand their eCommerce activities or enter the marketplace.
B2B eCommerce

Mirakl for B2B eCommerce

Prices and Offers Tailored to Business Customers

Mirakl supports flexibility in modeling prices and offers for individual business customers.

Payment Solutions Tailored for B2B

The platform supports a variety of payment methods preferred in B2B transactions, including deferred payments, net payments, and leasing.

Compliance and Security

The platform ensures compliance with legal regulations and security standards, which is crucial for B2B businesses that must meet specific legal and industry requirements.

Advanced Product Catalog Management

The platform allows you to manage complex product catalogs, which is crucial in a B2B environment where products may have complex specifications and variants.

Support for Repeated Purchases

Mirakl allows you to easily manage repeat purchases and multiple orders, which is important for B2B businesses where there is often a need for regular deliveries.

Integration with Systems

Mirakl enables integration with external systems, which makes it easier to manage and expand functionality.

Notifications and panel for sellers

Notifications inform sellers about the number of new orders and the status of the order placed. However, in the panel, they can constantly monitor the number of daily orders and the total number of products purchased by customers.

Why is it worth choosing BitBag?

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Multi-vendor Marketplace - knowledge base

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