Vision-To-Plan: eCommerce Workshop

The first step to understanding your goals

The key to success in any industry is to understand it through market research. It is important to understand the needs and expectations of potential customers and to precisely define the goals and requirements that a given business is to meet - in our case, an eCommerce business.

So, we have created an eCommerce workshop service to understand your vision even better. During the workshops, you will tell us about all your needs and expectations so we can develop a unique action plan for you.

Take a look at the following sentences related to your online business:

You don't know how much it could potentially cost

You want to make sure that your vision is appropriate

You want to know if you have chosen suitable technologies

You want to choose the best technologies for your eCommerce website

You need an MVP but don't know where to start

You need an accurate estimate of the project implementation

You want to have a solid architecture

If the statements above are close to you, Vision-To-Plan eCommerce Workshop is the best choice for you.

Why choose workshops?

Selection of the best technologies

There are dozens of different technologies, so choosing the best one may seem like rocket science. We will propose you a perfectly tailored solution that lets you achieve your business goals.

Adequate time of realization of your project

If someone tells you that they can do your project in a week, don't believe them! Don't compromise on quality to get something quickly. We will estimate the optimal (and real!) delivery time for you.

Precisely defined cost

After we know the time of realization, we can provide you with the right estimation. You will receive a document with the detailed specifications, hourly breakdown, and cost of each part of the project.

eCommerce workshop schedule

Step 1

Preparation of the scenario

To achieve great things, you need a plan. We will prepare a workshop schedule for you based on your business goals, requirements, and expectations regarding technology.
Step 2

#1 Meeting

It's the right moment to discuss your vision precisely. We will do that step by step, and together, we will choose the MVP scope.
Step 3

Internal meeting

We will discuss what we have learned from you, and the team of interdisciplinary experts prepare an hourly estimation of your project.
Step 4

#2 Meeting

We will present you a ready-to-execute plan for your project (your software architecture). Depending on your needs, we will plan further steps.

End up with the right estimation

The best way to achieve the first two steps is to take part in the eCommerce workshop. You can be sure we consider each case individually, and the results will be unique.
By participating in the workshop, you will get to know that for every €1 spent on planning, you can save up to €10 in additional development costs.
After getting to know each other's expectations, we may decide if we are a good fit for each other. If so, our cooperation will start!

Team composition – Who will you meet during workshops?

The best way to effectively conduct workshops and achieve satisfactory results is to meet in real time. You can expect the following people from our side during eCommerce workshops:
Project Manager – The person who will take care of your project success. Translates business requirements into specified functionalities.
Senior Developer(s) – One or two senior developers, depending on the project's complexity. He will be responsible for building your project architecture and selecting appropriate technologies. You can be sure he will do his best to translate your vision into an actual project.
Designer (optional)

Develop or update your online store with us. Book a Vision-To-Plan workshops

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