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Migration from Magento to Shopware: eCommerce with healthy and organic food



Foodspring is an innovative German company specializing in producing and distributing high-quality food products and supplements for people who care about their health, fitness, and good lifestyle. It was founded in 2013 in Berlin and has since provided customers access to healthy, organic, and affordable food. Foodspring quickly gained popularity for its protein bars, shakes, and a wide range of products that support an active lifestyle, from protein supplements to superfoods.

They use the highest-quality ingredients in their products from certified sources, translating into their unique taste and nutritional value. Thanks to its commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, the company has gained a loyal customer base and has become one of the leaders of the healthy food market in Europe.

Sales are carried out not only in Germany but also, among other places, in England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and Austria.

Challenges & Goals

The project’s goal was to migrate from Magento to the Shopware platform. Because Foodspring did not have members on its team who knew this technology, the main challenge was to find appropriate specialists with the necessary skills.

The company was looking for experienced professionals fluent in English who could easily fit into a working system based on Scrum methodology. Foodspring’s expectations were a quick implementation period and a handover of work on the project to a team that would join to work with Foodspring’s existing employees.

In addition to assistance in terms of offering a development team, a cooperation partner was needed who would present a high level of communication and be responsive to potential needs that might arise over the course of the cooperation.


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Solution & Outcome

The effect of establishing cooperation between Foodspring and BitBag was to offer Foodspring an experienced Shopware team, which consisted not only of the developers but also of QA. A person was also assigned from BitBag’s side to oversee the cooperation and monitor the client’s needs and the course of the cooperation, which undoubtedly made communication very effective.

The team provided for Foodspring specialized in both the backend and frontend, supplemented by a QA very quickly implemented into the internal working model. They successfully helped in migrating the platform from Magento to Shopware and copying and implementing functionalities from the previous platform, such as Bundles, Gift Cards, Promotion Gifts, Product CMS, Product Sorting, Back in Stock, Loyalty Points, and many more.

They have also successfully maintained and developed the platform and its Shopware-based functionalities while also adding completely new ones, such as: 

  • CDP integration – integration with the internal Customer Data Platform system, allowing for the personalization of the store experience for each user individually 
  • Product Bought – a record of the number of times a given product was purchased within the last week or two
  • Product Sets – the ability to add products to the cart as ‘Sets’, to which additional promotions are applied.

We constantly update Shopware and the plugins we use, so we can immediately use the latest functionalities and avoid security gaps.

The Grand Final


The cooperation began in August 2022.

The BitBag team’s high level of skills (both technical and interpersonal), prominent experience working with Shopware technology, and excellent communication between BitBag and Foodspring have contributed to the establishment of a long-term cooperation that continues to be ongoing and yields positive results for the development of the Foodspring platform and its business. 

From our perspective, the Foodspring project has significantly contributed to developing our skills and competencies. Thanks to it, we gained practical knowledge that will undoubtedly prove valuable in future projects.

~ Team BitBag 



  • Magento > Shopware migration
  • Implementation Shopware-based functionalities
  • Long-term cooperation
The cooperation between Foodspring and BitBag has proven to be very effective from the beginning. The BitBag team seamlessly adapted to our workflow and processes, demonstrating exceptional knowledge of Shopware, which significantly improved our platform and made it easier to introduce new features. We are fully satisfied with both the effects of our cooperation and the smoothness of communication with the BitBag team.

Pierre Bernard
Director Engineering and Technology
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