Expansion for global market:

Multichannel Sales Management and Optimizing Internal Processes



JLIST / JBOX, established in 1996 by Peter Payne, is an online retailer based in Gunma, Japan. It specializes in selling Japanese anime, manga, snacks, and otaku merchandise to a global audience. Through their eCommerce platforms, they bridge the gap between Japanese culture and international fans, offering an extensive catalog of products and content. With JBOX as its family-friendly division, the company caters to a wide range of customers.  JLIST’s success is anchored in its unique position as a cultural ambassador and a leading source of Japanese goods internationally.


JLIST and JBOX encountered a challenge in efficiently managing multi-channel sales and optimizing internal processes. With growing interest from international customers, the company had to meet challenges associated with a variety of payment methods and international logistics, as well as ensuring a high level of security and efficiency in online operations. One of the key problems faced by JLIST and JBOX was streamlining the system for selling products on pre-order.

In the context of a dynamically changing market and increasing customer expectations, the company looked for a way to manage the pre-order process more effectively. It was about allowing customers to reserve products before their official release, which required not only managing payments and reservations but also precise planning of stock levels and logistics. The pre-order system was intended not only to increase customer satisfaction by providing them access to the latest products but also to enable the company to better plan and manage inventory levels.

Additionally, JLIST and JBOX faced a challenge related to handling payment refunds. Due to the increasing number of international transactions, the company had to find an effective solution that would enable easy and quick processing of refunds for customers. This issue required integration with payment systems.

For JLIST and JBOX, also an important problem was the outdated design of their websites. The original appearance not only failed to meet current web design standards but also did not reflect the full potential of their brand or products, which could deter potential customers. The old design made interacting with the site difficult and could negatively impact users’ shopping experiences, posing a challenge for sales growth and customer satisfaction.


Challenges & Goals

  • Effective Multichannel Sales Management: The necessity of efficient sales management across two different channels – JLIST.com and JBOX.com – required systems integration and a cohesive approach to sales processes.
  • Pre-order Process Optimization: Streamlining the pre-order system aimed at allowing customers to reserve products before their official release, which necessitated effective management of payments, reservations, and inventory levels.
  • Advanced Returns System: The need to introduce an extensive returns system integrated with payment gateways, enabling easy returns of individual order items.
  • Pre-order System: Implementation of a pre-order system that allows customers to reserve products before their official release, with proper inventory management.
  • Advanced Product Listing: Implementation of a flexible product listing system based on Elasticsearch, enabling the creation of custom product listings based on rule-sets.
  • Custom Promotion System: Creation of a personalized promotion system, tailored to customer needs and enabling dynamic offers.
  • Integration with PayPal Payment Gateway: Integration with the popular PayPal payment gateway, increasing the availability of payment methods for customers.
  • Credit Card Payment Gateway: Implementation of a credit card payment gateway with integration with NMI and Peyeezy providers, enhancing payment options and user convenience.
  • Blacklisting Module: Implementation of a Blacklisting module enabling the detection and blocking of fraud attempts and unwanted visitors.
  • Content Management in the Store: Utilization of a CMS-plugin module for easy content management on the website.
  • Shipping Rate & Restrictions: Implementation of a Shipping rate module allowing for the setting of appropriate shipping prices for different countries and regions, along with establishing shipping restrictions.
  • Loyalty System: Addition of a loyalty system using the Bonus Points Plugin.
  • Advanced User Role Management: Use of an ACL-plugin module for advanced user role management in the admin panel.
  • Advanced Banner System: Implementation of an advanced banner system enabling the creation of advertising campaigns and conducting simple click statistics.
  • Magazine Sales System: Implementation of a magazine sales system with the possibility of purchasing with a club discount and access before the official release.
  • New design: new store layout.
  • Integration with Sendy API: Creation of a plugin enabling integration with Sendy API for efficient newsletter dispatch.
  • RSS Slider: Use of RSS to display blog posts on the store page, increasing customer engagement and promoting content.
  • Integration with iDevAffiliate: Integration with iDevAffiliate for tracking affiliate programs and effective affiliate marketing management.

Solution & Outcome


Effective Multichannel Sales Management

  • The implementation of the Sylius platform enabled the centralization of sales management across two different channels, making all processes, from product management to order handling and payments, consistent and efficient.
  • Utilizing the Import Export Plugin extension facilitated the import and export of data from various sources, ensuring smooth integration with existing systems.
  • A key feature was also the management of two separate sales channels available at two addresses and graphic templates, while being managed from a single administrative panel.
  • Using the CMS Plugin allows for easy content management in the store from the administrative panel, enabling quick updates and publication of new information.


Pre-order Process Optimization

  • Implementing an advanced pre-order system allowed customers to conveniently reserve products before their official release, significantly increasing engagement and customer satisfaction.
  • With advanced inventory management and integration with payment gateways, the company can now effectively plan and execute pre-order processes.


Refunds Handling

  • Creating an extensive returns system integrated with payment gateways enabled quick and efficient processing of returns, improving customer experience and increasing trust in the brand.
  • Integration with various payment systems, including PayPal, NMI, and Peyeezy, provided customers with a wide choice of payment options and increased transaction security.


Innovative Features

  • The introduction of a range of new features, such as an advanced product listing system based on Elasticsearch and a custom promotion system, allowed for the personalization of the shopping experience and increased conversions.
  • Adding a Blacklisting module helped prevent fraud by detecting and blocking unwanted visitors on the platform, contributing to increased transaction security.
  • The use of an advanced banner system enabled the creation of advertising campaigns and tracking of click statistics, contributing to more effective product promotion and increased brand awareness.
  • Adding a loyalty system using the Bonus Points Plugin allowed for rewarding loyal customers and increasing engagement.


Integrations and Extensions

  • Integration with iDevAffiliate enabled effective tracking of affiliate programs and management of affiliate marketing.
  • Integration with new payment providers such as NMI and Payeezy expanded payment options, streamlining the purchasing process and increasing user convenience. This addition also attracted new customers.
  • Integration with Sendy API for efficient newsletter dispatch.

Used Plugins

  • bitbag/acl-plugin 
  • bitbag/banner-plugin
  • bitbag/blacklist-plugin
  • bitbag/bonus-points-plugin
  • bitbag/catalog-plugin
  • bitbag/cms-plugin 
  • bitbag/crossselling-plugin
  • bitbag/elasticsearch-plugin
  • bitbag/import-export-bundle


Our plugins – GitHub repository >>>

  • bitbag/nmi-payment
  • bitbag/payeezy-plugin
  • bitbag/sendy-plugin
  • bitbag/sylius-catalog-promotion-plugin
  • bitbag/sylius-multiple-product-image-uploader
  • bitbag/wishlist-plugin
  • dedi/sylius-seo-plugin
  • sylius/admin-order-creation-plugin


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The project of migrating and optimizing JLIST and JBOX onto the Sylius platform has not only resulted in increased operational and sales efficiency but also enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. The successful completion of this project contributed to significant improvements in the business outcomes of both platforms. 

This achievement has opened up new development opportunities, showcasing the flexibility and scalability of the Sylius solution. The integration facilitated a more streamlined, user-friendly shopping experience, reflecting positively on customer engagement metrics and repeat business rates. Moreover, the adoption of this advanced eCommerce framework has equipped JLIST and JBOX with the tools to adapt rapidly to market changes and customer preferences, ensuring a sustainable growth path and reinforcing their market position as leaders in offering Japanese culture goods worldwide.




Expansion for a Global Market

  • International multi-channel sales
  • Pre-order Process Optimization
  • Custom Promotion System
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