Flexibility and Customization:

Upgrade Sylius from version 1.2 to 1.11



ARTERA is a brand owned by one of the leading companies in the lighting industry, ALDEX sp. z o.o., which has a multi-generational tradition in the production and sale of lighting. The company’s strong assets are experience, advanced technology, and keeping up with modern trends.

The store’s offer is aimed at retail customers looking for modern projects but also at designers, architects, or investors who can benefit from the detailed product dimensions and 3D models. Undoubtedly, a significant advantage is that Artera, as a manufacturer, has the ability to personalize items to meet the individual requirements of its customers.


The Artera store has used Sylius in version 1.2 for several years. However, as technology developed and their business evolved, they realized that their Sylius version was significantly outdated. This began to negatively impact the store’s performance, integration with other tools, and further development. The technical debt arose, making it difficult to expand the store further due to problems, among others, with data serialization.



  • Upgrade Sylius from version 1.2 to 1.11
  • Upgrade PHP from 7.4 to 8.1
  • Flexibility and Customization: Implementation of dedicated solutions and adaptation to the company’s individual requirements:
    • Uploading 3D product models in the admin panel and the ability for customers to download them
    • Adding translations for different language versions of the store
    • Individual integration with the Google ecosystem according to SEM agency recommendations: Customization of XML file with Google Shopping feed and Integration with Google Analytics 4 and addition of eCommerce events
    • Creating a PDF file with the order in the admin panel facilitates the order printing process and transfers them to production
    • Automatic assignment of products according to predefined rules to the categories of New and Promotions
    • Expansion of the search functionality that searches separately for each word and then combines the search results, displaying only products with all the phrases entered in the search field
  • Adjusting the platform to legal regulations: implementation of the Omnibus Directive
  • Configuration of automatic database backup
  • Configuration of nginx – preparation for increased traffic on the site
  • Repair of related products due to problems with product data serialization







Solution & Outcome

Analysis: Identifying key differences between the used versions and potential challenges related to the update.

Update Security: Careful protection of all data before migration to ensure its integrity and continuity.

Step-by-step upgrade: Systematic implementation of updates to version 1.11, followed by testing to guarantee the store’s stability.

Post-process support: Active monitoring and response to any issues after the update to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operation.

Used Plugins

  • SyliusCmsPlugin – content blocks and blog management
  • Wishlist by BitBagwishlist support
  • HistoryPricePluginOmnibus Directive, lowest price from the last 30 days
  • PayU by BitBagSyliusPayUPlugin – integration with the PayU payment gateway
  • ShippingExportPlugin data export and label generation (DPD courier)
  • Webpackimplementation of Webpack and removal of Gulp

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The upgrade from Sylius 1.2 to 1.11 makes introducing new functionalities and installing ready-made plugins easier and quicker. Automation in the admin panel has shortened the time and effort required to manage the product offer. Search engine modifications have resulted in customers receiving products better suited to their needs. The addition of translations has enabled the company to expand into foreign markets. Meanwhile, thanks to the possibility of uploading and downloading 3D product models, designers and architects are more inclined to use Artera’s store services.

This is already the second project based on Sylius that we have implemented for ALDEX sp. z o.o. In both projects, Sylius was chosen due to its wide customization capabilities, scalability, and platform ease of use.


Upgrade Sylius from version 1.2 to 1.11

  • Easier and faster introduction of new functionalities
  • Automation in the admin panel
  • Search engine modifications
"The entire BitBag team demonstrated a highly professional approach to collaboration, contributing to achieving results that were satisfying to us. Thanks to choosing Sylius, we now have a platform that meets customer expectations and is tailored to the specifics of our industry."
Ewa Dyderska
Co-founder of Artera.pl
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