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B2B Sylius-based implementation for Polish company with an established market position

Albeco - B2B Sylius-based eCommerce case study
Albeco - B2B Sylius-based eCommerce case study


Albeco is a Polish company with over 30 years of established position on the market. They have been offering products throughout the country since 1989. The stable position and constant development of the products and services make them a leader in supplying the highest quality bearings, guides, tools, including heaters and pullers, lubricating oils, and many other products. They deliver their products to over 70 countries around the world. The cooperation with the best manufacturers has contributed to over 10 000 regular contractors and over 60 000 products offered.


Technical debt – limitation in business development.

The problem which Albeco had faced concerned the broadly understood technical debt. Consequently, they could not implement complex requirements while being constrained by an outdated website.

The main problem behind the ‘technological debt’ is that, as time passes, it will become even more challenging to solve the original problem as new circumstances can complicate it even more. As a result, the problem may reach a turning point when it is more profitable to implement new solutions than invest in old ones. Therefore, it is essential to find the problem and take appropriate action to eliminate it.

Albeco has a significant number of products. However, the way they were presented wasn’t engaging, and it was taking some time before typing the searched product to get the result (slow search engine on the website – especially when searching for short phrases). The outdated website was not intuitive on both the design and its functional side and did not provide a good customer experience. In addition, the products they are selling have complicated parameters, and they wanted to include them as filters in the new website’s search engine.

  • Unattractive / Not user friendly / Outdated website interface
  • Hard and unintuitive product search
  • Suboptimal purchasing process
  • Complicated further website development due to outdated technology
  • The legacy that was resulting in being less competitive on the market


To give the customers the most significant possible value, Albeco wanted to serve over 100 000 products in their store. As it was not possible with the old website, they decided to set up a new store on Sylius. They knew that it is a solution that is created to face the most complex requirements. Everyone knows that serving a massive number of products is hard for every eCommerce ecosystem, not to mention searching or filtering them. In this case, Albeco wanted an efficient and fast search engine that supports many different inquiries and is tailored to their specific requirements. Due to the type of products offered, it was necessary to create particular filters enabling efficient and quick product search in their store. When it comes to products – it was essential to ensure data synchronization from multiple warehouses. Providing the differentiation of price lists was also a key factor.

The main challenges:

  • A large number of products
  • Advanced search engine/filtering over 100 000 products and a lot of attributes
  • Synchronization of data and stock levels from several warehouses
  • Design and implementation of the website
  • Preparing designs on an ongoing basis for new features (following the general appearance of the website)
  • Relevance algorithm that shows the search results in the correct order
  • Analysis of customer needs
  • The purchasing process for multiple warehouses

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& Outcome

Our cooperation resulted in Albeco receiving a new website adapted to various devices (e.g., laptop, mobile phone). In addition, a customized blog section has also been added to it.

The user’s journey begins on a well-optimized website to find the products he is looking for quickly and transparently. Thanks to implementing a search engine with a vast number of filters and an advanced product configurator, it is possible.

Time is essential to everyone.
At the purchase decision, the user can use the single-page checkout option, which also speeds up the process itself. The shipping process has been improved from the business side, which gives advanced options for setting shipping rules and editing orders. Albeco can also differentiate the payment rules (select specific commissions for each customer), which is an integral part of the purchase. To handle returns, we have added a specific form to automate and streamline this process.

  • Synchronization of stock levels with ERP (120 thousand products from several warehouses are synchronized in a minute)
  • Increasing the conversion of the purchasing process
  • The transparent and advanced product search engine that allows presenting the entire product range


As a result, Albeco got a fast and well-optimized website with consists of the following:

  • Advanced search engine (with a lot of filters)
  • Single-page checkout
  • Custom blog
  • Advanced shipping rules
  • Advanced product configurator
  • Differentiation of payment rules (specific commissions can be set for each customer)
  • Mini-basket
  • Multi-basket
  • Multi-source inventory
  • Returns form
  • Editing orders
  • Welcome modal in the mobile/desktop and Polish/English version in the form of an image
  • InPost integration
  • Organization module
  • Preview of the baskets of the entire organization
  • Possibility to name (your) baskets

How was the cooperation?

Agnieszka Konopka-Lulek

Initially, we had doubts whether Bitbag would be able to understand the specificity of the market and non-standard solutions that we expect, but the company demonstrated a clear understanding of our market and its needs. The project management and communication have been great throughout the project. We appreciate the quick responses to our questions, regular feedback, and updates. Working with Bitbag is a pleasant experience and a user-friendly, responsive website and store meet our expectations. We highly recommend them.

Grzegorz Berłowski

The great advantage of our cooperation is that we managed to find a common language with developers and front-enders.
Thanks to this, our meetings and work progress very effectively!

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  • Implementation of search engine
  • Single-page checkout
  • Mini– and multi-basket
  • Multi-source inventory

The great advantage of our cooperation is that we managed to find a common language with developers and front-enders.
Thanks to this, our meetings and work progress very effectively!

Grzegorz Berłowski
Albeco vice-president, CIO
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