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Video Games Marketplace: Migration from Magento to Sylius



Since its inception in 1996, JAST has been a pioneering force in the otaku digital entertainment industry, specializing in the distribution of anime-inspired video games. Renowned as a prominent publisher and online retailer, JAST offers a diverse range of anime-themed games. 

JAST is celebrated for its high-quality products and customer-centric services, keeping pace with evolving gaming trends. Collaborations with game developers have enriched their portfolio, securing their position as a favorite among anime game fans globally. Beyond sales, JAST plays a crucial role in fostering the appreciation and development of the visual novel game genre, having established a strong brand identity and a dedicated community.


JAST USA’s online store was constrained by accumulated technical debt. The goal was to develop a fast, modern, and intuitive application to enhance user experiences and improve the store’s efficiency and functionality.



  • Data Migration from Magento to Sylius: Ensuring business continuity and data integrity during the transfer and schema alignment.
  • New Graphical Interface Development: Creating a visually appealing and engaging storefront for the digital anime game market.
  • VueJS Frontend Application: Enhancing user experience and engagement with a responsive application.
  • Customized Returns System: Streamlining customer service with an efficient returns process.
  • Integration of a New Payment Gateway: Facilitating smoother transactions and expanding user payment options.
  • Loyalty Point System Implementation: Fostering customer loyalty with a rewards system.
  • Advanced Product Search and Filtering: Simplifying customer product searches.
  • ‘Game Library’ Development for Customers: Offering a personalized space for customers to access their purchases.
  • Regional Pricing System: Adapting pricing strategies based on customer location.
  • Streamlining Promotions Management for Staff: Simplifying the management of promotions and banners.

Solution & Outcome

  • Fast and Secure File Download Mechanism 

Implemented AWS S3 with “presigned URLs” for secure downloads, and a CDN for enhanced speed.

  • Flexible Product Search and Filtering

Utilized Elasticsearch for improved search and filtering, enhancing the shopping experience.

  • Enhanced Product Catalog Configuration 

Developed a plugin for dynamic product catalogs with sliders.

  • Innovative Banner Management Plugin

Created a plugin for efficient management of advertising campaigns.

  • Custom ‘Regional Pricing’ System 

Implemented a system for location-based pricing.

  • Automated Promotion Activation System

Developed a system for scheduled promotion activations.

  • Rapid Price Refresh for Promotional Products 

Used Symfony Messenger and RabbitMQ for quick price updates.

  • Development of New Store Features 

Designed new features based on store administrators’ input.

  • New VueJS Frontend Application

Created a responsive frontend application for an improved user experience.

  • Advanced Reporting Module 

Established a system for generating detailed sales statistics.

Used Plugins

  • bitbag/acl-plugin 

It is responsible for setting permissions for users of the administration panel.

  • bitbag/banner-plugin

It allows us to set up a campaign, and in addition, for each banner, we can check the number of clicks and auto enable/disable by start and end datetime.

  • bitbag/blacklist-plugin

This plug-in allows you to set up automatic blocks on placing orders or activating games by code for suspicious requests.

  • bitbag/bonus-points-plugin

These extensions, as the name suggests, allow store customers to collect and pay with bonus points.

  • bitbag/catalog-plugin

It works in conjunction with `elasticsearch-plugin`, it is responsible for displaying products in sliders depending on the set `rules` in the directories for which they should show.

  • bitbag/cms-plugin 

These extensions allowed us to create static pages in the store.

  • bitbag/crossselling-plugin

This plugin allows to display suggestions of related products in product detail page.

  • bitbag/elasticsearch-plugin

This plugin is crucial in this project since we used Elasticsearch in many important places throughout the store, mainly in searching, filtering, and sorting the product list.

  • bitbag/import-export-bundle

This plugin enabled faster data migration from Magento to Sylius.

  • bitbag/nmi-payment

Integration with an NMI payment gateway.

  • bitbag/refund-plugin

  We have a custom refund action in which is possible to refund, e.g., only one item.

  • setono/catalog-promotion-plugin

Currently, used is similar functionality to Sylius catalog promotion, but it’s a fully custom solution.

  • bitbag/sylius-multiple-product-image-uploader

The plugin allows uploading multiple images to products using “drag&drop”.


Our plugins – GitHub repository >>>

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Fast Download of Purchased Files

JAST USA tackled the challenge of providing customers with quick and secure file downloads. By integrating a AWS S3 cloud storage solution with “pre-signed URLs”, they achieved a balance in file delivery and storage costs. This implementation has led to enhanced customer satisfaction globally, offering efficient and secure downloading.

Quick Search and Filtering of Products

The adoption of Elasticsearch enabled customers to rapidly search and filter products. This improvement has streamlined the process of finding desired titles, subsequently increasing transactions.

New Plugin for Managing Banners

The introduction of a banner management plugin has simplified the activation and deactivation of advertising campaigns. This innovation has enhanced the effectiveness of campaign planning, increased customer engagement, and strengthened marketing efforts.

Custom “Regional Pricing” System

Implementing a tailored pricing system, sensitive to factors like customer location, allowed JAST USA to adjust prices dynamically for different markets. This strategy significantly boosted the store’s competitiveness and sales.

Automated Promotions

The system for automated promotions, activating at predetermined times, has optimized the management of advertising and promotional campaigns. This approach has improved sales efficiency and encouraged customer purchases at specific times.

Loyalty Points System

Introducing a loyalty points system has rewarded and engaged regular customers more deeply with the store. This initiative has led to increased customer loyalty and more frequent purchases.

New Payment Gateway (Credit Cards)

Establishing a new credit card payment gateway expanded payment options, enhancing the purchasing process and increasing convenience for users. This addition has also attracted new customers.


Migration from Magento to Sylius

  • Fast and Secure File Download Mechanism
  • Custom ‘Regional Pricing’ System 
  • New VueJS Frontend Application
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