Ibexa DXP - Digital Transformation for Frictionless Buying Experiences

Ibexa DXP (previously eZ Platform) is a modular digital experience platform based on the Symfony framework. It consists of three valuable products: Ibexa Headless, Ibexa Experience, and Ibexa Commerce. Ibexa offers personalized customer experience, custom order templates, multi-channel and multi-store eCommerce, and much more. 

Get to know the different variants of Ibexa DXP

Ibexa Headless

Ibexa Headless is a headless CMS for managing web content across channels and touchpoints. It not only allows you to create and modify content but also to check whether recipients engage with the published content. Ibexa detects possible problems in the system, then helps to correct them, and offers functions such as real-time content personalization and behavior measurement.
Advanced content modeling

Advanced content modeling enables users to create complex content structures easily.


Robust support in creating and publishing content in another language.

Image editor

A simple and intuitive image editor allows you to edit uploaded images in terms of size, orientation, and focal point.

Search engine

A simple and intuitive search engine that makes it easier for your team to work with large content repositories - quickly search and browse content according to hierarchy and mark content with an asterisk.

Automatic workflow

Defining and automating tasks in creating and publishing content. Ability to collaborate with authors, editors, and copywriters to streamline the content review, feedback, and publishing process.

Tools for teamwork

Access to tools such as quick overview, version control and comparison, content calendar, and custom user permissions for access management, editing, and publishing.

Ibexa Experience

Ibexa Experience is a CX management platform focused on digital experience management. It enables companies to create and customize digital content to improve user engagement and interaction across various digital channels. It makes guiding customers through business processes much easier.
Website builder

Create new pages easily, quickly, and efficiently using predefined layouts, blocks, and templates. Moreover, there is no limit to the number of sites you can publish.

Form creator

Ability to integrate custom forms and surveys into your websites. Forms are necessary to collect data from users.

SEO tools

Optimize content and websites for SEO and collect and analyze data to ensure the best possible visibility in search engines and reach specific customer groups.

Website development planning

Plan your website's development direction and check its appearance before publication.

Content publication planning

Create a content publishing schedule and plan the content rotation on your sites.

Integration with external systems

The platform can be easily integrated with systems such as CRM, PIM, or ERP.

Ibexa Commerce

Provides your businesses with a unified platform that covers all aspects of the B2B eCommerce experience. Thanks to a dedicated interface, It is possible to integrate content, personalization, and commerce functionalities.
Automation of B2B business processes

Manage orders, inventory, and customer data, and create custom prices for specific customer groups.


Provide customers with personalized content at every stage of the purchasing path. Dispel their doubts, answer questions, and convey the benefits of your products/services.

Advanced search engine

Let your customers find the products they want on the first search attempt.

AI recommendations

Use the cross-selling technique and, thanks to artificial intelligence, recommend additional products to your customers while shopping.

Custom order templates

To standardize your shopping experience, you can use custom order templates.

Why is Ibexa a great choice?

Seamless Integrations

Easy integration with most business systems makes your eCommerce implementation up and running immediately. Ibexa DXP works perfectly with other systems. Thanks to this, it solves your problems with integration.


Designing, developing, and deploying new features comes with speed and agility. API-First software design and headless-ready make the development a piece of cake.

Smart Management

Ibexa DXP allows you to separate content so you can make changes to different channels. What's more, such web content can be sent outside of your website, including mobile devices, social media, and even distribution channels. It is the perfect solution for smart management.

Save Money

Save time and money that your business invests in the administration, distribution, and personalization of digital content. Ibexa DXP makes working across multiple channels, markets, and languages easy, effective, and affordable - from simplifying collaboration to streamlining content distribution.

You Are The Boss

With Ibexa DXP, you can create new websites, personalize product recommendations, and manage SEO strategies across a wide range of locations within one system that contains all you need to deliver a game-changing digital experience.
Ibexa DXP

Do you need to know more about the Ibexa digital experience platform?

Ibexa DXP - How much does it cost?

Ibexa's pricing has four stages of subscription licensing & service add-ons.

Ibexa Headless

A yearly subscription starts from
€ 30K /year.

Ibexa Experience

A yearly subscription starts from
€ 37K /year.

Ibexa Commerce

A yearly subscription starts from
€ 44K /year.

How can Ibexa help your business grow?

B2B eCommerce

Build B2B e-commerce with a platform with dedicated B2B functionalities and provide your business customers with hassle-free shopping.

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B2C eCommerce

Think, create, and make a store that focuses on Customer Experience Management, i.e., ensuring the highest quality of customer service.

Read more

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Do you need a store with independent sellers who will sell their own products on your site? We will create a top-class marketplace for you!

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Customers want Ibexa!

Why is it worth choosing BitBag as an implementation partner?

We have experienced PHP/Symfony developers who have developed over 150 related eCommerce projectse official partner of Sensiolabs - creators of Symfony

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We offer Vision-To-Plan eCommerce Workshops, during which you will tell us about all your needs and expectations, and we will develop an optimal project plan.

Experience implementing systems such as CMS, PIM, ERP, payment gateways, etc.

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