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eCommerce technologies that redefine online business

Find the best eCommerce technologies (mainly based on Symfony) for creating B2B and B2C eCommerce websites (even for enterprise eCommerce).

The development of technology is changing how people interact, shop and socialize online. It means online merchants should improve their online business and commerce technology to face the most demanding customers (both potential and existing customers). Entrepreneurs in eCommerce have always looked in advance for new technologies for the e-commerce site and internet marketing (e.g. microservice-based eCommerce). It comes down to using artificial intelligence, electronic data interchange, electronic funds transfer, location-based services, advanced inventory management, offering many payment options, etc.

eCommerce technologies for online stores

Creating and implementing new technology and services to support eCommerce is possible thanks to best-of-breed technologies. Some of the functionalities that may be covered with systems are:

  • Advanced multi-store management

  • Returns management

  • Partial order fulfillment

  • Inventory management systems (e.g. Multi-source inventory)

  • Advanced user permissions

  • Admins per channel

  • Loyalty system

  • SEO optimization tools

  • Automated data collection systems

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Supply chain management

  • Online transaction processing

  • Data management

  • Integrations (e.g. with payment gateways, shipping providers, big data tools)

  • Multi-vendor marketplace (OpenMarketplace)

Innovations and new eCommerce technologies for online shopping

In a highly competitive market, innovations and technologies in eCommerce are key and will become increasingly important. A second important challenge for e-commerce businesses is its co-existence with physical trade. It doesn’t mean improving or ending retail but merely offering alternative ways of doing things so as to make online shopping experiences more enjoyable. So eCommerce companies should be able to use all new and improved e-commerce technologies (e.g. open-source eCommerce platforms) for the best results in business operations and attract potential customers.

Go for mobile commerce

Creating e-commerce websites for mobile phones may improve customer satisfaction and your brand image. Online purchases with m-commerce are associated with the younger generation, but it is not a rule with widespread access to the Internet and mobile devices. Therefore, to increase sales, you need to adapt your e-commerce website to mobile devices and take care of mobile marketing. Every e-commerce business should know and go for e-commerce trends. Check out Shopware for fashion eCommerce.