Customized B2B eCommerce Solutions for Wholesalers, Distributors, and Manufacturers

Your B2B Ecosystem Transformed into a Revenue-Generating Platform

Control your eCommerce strategy and grow your digital sales channels with a customized B2B platform engineered with operational efficiency and business agility in mind. We cover everything you need to offer an excellent service to your business partners with customized buyer accounts, specialized B2B features, and built-in integration capabilities.

Take a look at the following:

  • The industry you operate in is exceedingly regulated
  • You have complex requirements resulting from the way your business operates
  • You need integrations with a wide variety of ERP, PIM, CRM, accounting, and any others
  • You are looking for extended payment methods
  • CMS should be rich in features (more than basic functionality)

If you have answered any of these statements “YES”, we have customized B2B eCommerce solutions that you are looking for.

What can we do for you?

Process of creation - when our solutions meet your goals

Customized B2B eCommerce platform

Scalable eCommerce environment built with future in mind. Grow and extend your business without worrying that technology will hold you back.

Start on the new level

Back to the drawing board when the solution you already have is not the one you expect.

Product Information Management:
Control information

Don’t let information take over the control. Manage it in the way you want, at the right time and right place.

Maintenance and long term support:
The end is just a beginning

We would love to help you after the end of implementation and support you in your dream eCommerce journey.

Show us your ERP

It doesn't matter how many tools you use. You can be sure that we will integrate them within one platform.

Multichanneling in mind:
Limitless number of channels

Multi-channeling is challenging for legacy platforms; fortunately, we don't use these. We will provide you with as many channels as you want.

Cut to the chase - How do we start?

One of the project’s main challenges is collecting all the requirements and creating an initial estimation that helps initiate the start of work on the project. For this purpose, we have created a service – Vision-To-Plan eCommerce Workshops. We approach each workshop individually. In short, the process of our work is shown in the graphic.

  • Remember that every €1 you spent on planning can save you up to €10 in unnecessary development costs.
  • Workshops are needed so that we can get to know each other’s expectations. Both you and we can determine after them whether we decide to cooperate or not.
  • If you want to know more about workshops, go to the Vision-To-Plan eCommerce Workshops.


Behind the scenes - Agility in mind

  • Full support in choosing the right technology for your project

    If we reach an agreement, we can start our cooperation. For sure, it is an essential part of the whole process. You may be interested in the way we work, so we lift the veil of secrecy.

  • Agile methodology

    The development process is divided into several phases. At the end of each stage, the work results are tested and consulted with you. It is the perfect time to share your opinion and provide feedback on any changes or improvements.

  • Communication

    We prefer to communicate with you via our Slack. For this purpose, we will create a particular channel with people engaged in projects on both our and your side. For this purpose, we will create a particular channel with people engaged in projects on both our and your side. In some situations, it is possible to use different channels like e-mail or Google Hangouts.

    • Daily calls – it’s our internal meeting to plan the daily work to provide the client the solution in the fastest possible time
    • Weekly calls – a meeting in which the client is participating in. It’s time to  discuss current solutions, dispel all doubts, and plan the development for the near future
  • Team composition

    It may be changed, depending on the type of cooperation, but in general, the structure looks like this:

    • Project Manager – “The Link” between technology and business – they make sure everything goes well and on time
    • Developers – “The Executors” – they will make your image turn into a live project
    • Quality Assurance – “The Bug Killer” – if there’s anything that could be causing your system to crash, he’ll find it
    • (Optional) Designer – The Magician” – he will make the website gain a beautiful UI and will take care of UX
  • The method of settlement

    Choosing a suitable work model depends on many factors, such as the scope of your project, your goals, and the budget you have.
    The work can be commissioned with the option Fixed Price or Time and Material. We establish it at the beginning of cooperation. However, the project generally is not a closed product. It is not a thing that will be created once and will always look the same. The requirements can be changed, updated, or developed at any time. During the work, even the main idea behind the project can sometimes change.

Our implementations - Check the live customized B2B solutions

the leading lens specialist
in Switzerland

  • +200%
    The average number of sold lenses
  • +50
    New opticians, after the first MVP version
  • The solution that stands for years

It was a pleasure to work with BitBag. They were available in both good and bad times. They have a very professional attitude and a very high standard of code, with a clear focus on testability and architecture. They did a fantastic job while kickstarting our project with an Event Storming session and helped us build our first MVP.
Michael Schürpf
CTO at Lensvision AG

WestCoast Gifts

Smoking accessories
for the cannabis connoisseur

  • Tailored B2B Software Suite Implementation
  • Shopify migration and data modeling
  • Fast delivery due to new legal opportunities

After working with BitBag closely over the past 12 months, I can confidently say that they are the premier option to work with for the development of a Sylius-powered e-commerce platform. They have a deep knowledge of the software and are highly competent with the implementation of custom features and functionality. The experience of working with them has also been excellent-clear, timely communication, transparent billing practices, and a potent sense of urgency towards the project. We would gladly partner with BitBag again.
Alex Nelson
Post Projects Inc. Founder
No more legacy platforms

Technologies trusted by leaders

Who are we?

Meet us closer

  • We are an innovative team specializing in customized b2b eCommerce solutions with a mission to create value for companies that want to build or develop their businesses. To achieve it, we analyze the needs, and then we translate our knowledge and experience into the project.
  • Our methodologies are prepared and refined so that you are always one step ahead of your competitors, and the accuracy of our analysis allows us to optimize the results continuously.
  • We give meaning to the data and create high-quality code.
  • Our team consists of more than 50 people, and although each of us is different, we have one thing in common – passion for work, so you can be sure that those technological freaks will bring your idea to the next level.
Sell everywhere

Do you want to set up a new eCommerce?

Anna Kostrzewska
New Business Developer
Languages: French, English, Polish
Radosław Żurawski
New Business Developer
Languages: English, Polish
Michael Żdanow
New Business Developer
Languages: German, English, Polish