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Migration from Magento 1 to Sylius

Clickable Automotive case study
Clickable case study

Clickable Automotive

Clickable Automotive is a specialized online store that provides BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, and Skoda parts. They have operated in Australia since 2011.

The values that distinguish Clickable are quality, competitive prices, and professional assistance in choosing parts – when a product is unavailable, they will help obtain it even from their competition. Their clients don’t have to have specialized knowledge. Thanks to the advanced system, they may easily find the parts they need.


Outdated system – a constraint of business growth

Clickable Automotive had an outdated system that was based on Magento 1. We took over this project from a previous company, but the code differed significantly from our standards. One of the problems was that the documentation provided did not contain all the necessary information.

Here our work started. We were trying to define the needs and map them in the finished project. We worked very closely with the client and offered solutions tailored to their business logic while facilitating work with the system. Long story short – we did not just do what the client wanted, but we tried to find tailored solutions to the problems. It is also worth mentioning that our cooperation took place with a 9-hour difference between the time zones we operated.



Creating a simple and intuitive purchasing process in a car parts store is a real challenge. What was needed was a search engine matching car parts to the model selected by the customer, facilitating the purchase of appropriate elements, and listing the exact models to which the parts fit.

To minimize the risk of incorrect matching of parts, it was necessary to add information and warnings visible to the customer at every purchase stage: product list, product page, cart, checkout, or creating notification emails.


Main project’s challenges:

  • Cleaning-up the code
  • Magento 1 ←→ Sylius migration – transfer of data and functionality
  • Migration from Brightpearl retail management system
  • Unifying the entire graphic design
  • Simplifying the shopping path by adding an advanced search engine 
  • Improving the functionality of grouping products – facilitating the system administrator to manage the type of products
  • Integrations with warehouse management system and inventory management system
  • Adaptation of the application to the latest SEO requirements (in contact with the client’s SEO consultant)
  • General improvement of performance, security, adaptation to current standards (using external measurement tools)
  • Integration with local couriers – costs and delivery time
  • An old data structure that had to be adapted to new standards
  • Many of the features needed to be fixed, extended or rewritten

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& Outcome

After cleaning the code, we expanded the existing functionalities and added many new ones according to the customer’s needs.

Clickable Automotive has got a modern and intuitive system supporting the purchase of car parts. The graphics and general layout have been refreshed, the page loading time has been improved, and the assets’ size has been reduced.
Our plugins that have been used for this project:



As a result, we added the following functionalities:

  • Magento 1 <-> Sylius migration
    Data and functionalities migration. Creating a login system for imported users from Magento on the Sylius platform without importing their passwords (security).
  • Quick-finder and fitment
    A search engine that facilitates shopping. It allows you to save models and assign them to an account, making it easier to search. In addition, we have added a notification system for a specific connection: car model ←→ part, because some parts fit but under a special condition (e.g. car production for a particular year, etc.).
  • Multi-level quick finder selecting
    It allows selecting a brand on the home page while returning a list of products for the brand. Later, you can narrow this list down to more detailed data, which shortens the list of matched products. It is also possible to filter data by category e.g. brakes or oil pumps.
  • Grouped products
    After the implementation, it is easier to add and edit such products, change prices or quantity in the set + review the product as one whole set, not separately.
  • Single page checkout
    To speed up shopping in the store, we have implemented the one-page checkout functionality, which allows entering address data and selecting shipping and payment methods on one page, without going through each stage separately.
  • Integrations with warehouse management system and inventory management software
    • One integration works on GraphQL and the other on REST.
    • Product inventory is updated with each order and via a cron job (cyclical data synchronization between systems).
    • Implemented a system to catch exceptions/errors reported by both integrations and send them to a selected email. It operates continuously, which ensures data consistency between systems.
    • Automatic product creation in integrations after creating it in Sylius
  • Four-factor product review system
    The customer evaluates product quality, price, delivery, and experience separately, making up one final overall product evaluation.
  • Product subscription
    Ability to subscribe to an unavailable product to receive information when it becomes available again. Additionally, it displays custom notifications for a product when the customer can expect the product to be in stock again.
  • E-mail customization
    Full customization of emails sent by the application (e.g. notifications about an order or delivery) – new email views, additional functionalities.
  • Order management
    Customer notification system about problems with the delivery of his order – the ability to manually change the order status displayed in the “My Account” section of the user, along with a custom message/information
  • Integration with local couriers
    If integration via API does not exist, prices and delivery times can be updated using the .csv file depending on the dimensions and weight of the entire order.
  • Promotion system
    Based on reviews of purchased products. Once the customer makes a purchase in the store, after 2 weeks, they will receive an email asking for a review. If they submit a review, their account will be assigned a shipping voucher and be automatically applied to future purchases.
  • Integration with Google Shopping Feed (automatic generation of a file with advertising information) and Google Places autocomplete (autocomplete address in checkout)
  • Return to the basket from the payment stage
    Allows returning to the cart after starting the payment.
    If the customer wants to change the purchase decision at the payment stage, he may go back, and after payment cancellation, the basket will not be empty, and the client could modify it.
  • Refreshed page layout
    A clear, intuitive, and fast eCommerce facilitates and speeds up the purchasing process. In addition, unifying the entire layout and reducing the size of assets contribute to a better customer experience.
  • Integration with MailChimp and Postmark

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Clickable Automotive

Migration from Magento 1 to Sylius: The time zone is no longer a barrier.

  • Implementation of search engine Quick-finder and fitment
  • Promotion system
  • Single page checkout
  • Order management

A specialized online store that provides BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, and Skoda parts.
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