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Migration from WooCommerce to Sylius



Domotio originates from the Polish company ALDEX Dyderscy sp. z o.o, operating in the SME sector. It’s a modern platform offering high-quality lighting. Experience, advanced technological infrastructure built upon its in-house machinery fleet, and alignment with contemporary trends constitute the strength of this brand.

Domotio specializes in producing lighting, utilizing glass from Polish manufacturers and components from local suppliers. Combined with its in-house machinery fleet, this grants the company the freedom to create unique designs.

Domotio’s offering is aimed at retail customers who prefer good, stylish, and innovative solutions primarily within the modern trend and at designers, architects, and investors who are provided with precise technical dimensions and 3D models to cater to their needs. As a manufacturer, Domotio can broadly tailor the offering to specific requirements. Modifications in size, color, and details used in our fixtures are possible.


The client had two online stores – on the Sylius and WooCommerce platforms, but the company decided to unify them by migrating to Sylius.

Reasons and migration goals: 

  • The desire for a thorough change in the store’s visual design. 
  • Limited ability to implement custom functionalities on the WooCommerce platform. 
  • Migration of the blog while preserving existing URL addresses and SEO parameters to ensure the continuity of store positioning effects. 
  • Previous good cooperation with BitBag and satisfaction with the Sylius platform used in another project.


  • Migration of WooCommerce Store to Sylius:
    • Migration of content along with 301 redirects to maintain SEO continuity.
    • Migration of products.
  • Complete redesign of the store’s visual design.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Introduction of special features and integrations to align with the company’s unique needs. 
    • English-language version with price conversion to euros.
    • Integration with the Google ecosystem: customization of the product feed for Google Merchant, custom integration with GA4 (Google Analytics 4), and integration with Google Tag Manager.
    • Generation of PDF from the order view in the admin panel: ease of printing the order and handing over the productions.
    • Automatic mailing of discount codes after newsletter subscription.
  • Simplified Integration: easier connection with inventory management systems, CRM, and other business tools.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Implementation of the Omnibus directive.
  • Migration of the server from LH to DigitalOcean: Implementation of automatic database backup. Nginx configuration – prepared for increased website traffic.
  • Configuration of domains on Cloudflare.

Solution & Outcome

Analysis and Planning: A thorough understanding of the current state of the store, products, order processes, and integrations enabled precise migration planning.

Data Migration: Secure transfer of product data while maintaining its integrity.

Customizing Design and Functionality: Creation of a personalized design and custom functionalities in line with the company’s business needs.

Testing and Optimization: Conducting performance, security, and usability testing.

Post-Migration Support: Providing support after transitioning to the new platform.

Utilized Plugins

  • SyliusCmsPlugin – used for content blocks and blog construction.
  • Wishlist by BitBag – wishlist management.
  • HistoryPricePlugin – used to comply with the Omnibus directive – lowest price from the last 30 days.
  • PayU by BitBag – SyliusPayUPlugin – integration with the PayU payment gateway.
  • ShippingExportPlugin – used for exporting shipment data to DPD and label generation.
  • Webpack – Webpack implementation and removal of Gulp.

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As a result, the client received a scalable and flexible platform that enables seamless growth and adaptation to the changing market needs. The platform features a modern and intuitive design that not only catches the eye but also enhances navigation and the purchasing process. We also bolstered security, translating to better compliance with regulations and increased customer trust. Additionally, the usability of the administrative panel has been improved, making store management easier for non-technical individuals.

The client plans to create another online store based on Sylius within the Aldex group, due to the platform’s user-friendliness and the high-quality technical support offered by BitBag.


Migration from WooCommerce to Sylius

  • Migration of content, products and data
  • Customizing design and functionality
  • Integration with the Google ecosystem
"The entire BitBag team demonstrated a highly professional approach to collaboration, contributing to achieving results that were satisfying to us. Thanks to choosing Sylius, we now have a platform that meets customer expectations and is tailored to the specifics of our industry."
Ewa Dyderska
Founder of Domotio
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