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Adyen is a Dutch payment company that allows businesses to accept e-commerce, mobile, and point-of-sale payments. It is listed on the stock exchange Euronext.

Adyen offers merchants online services for accepting electronic payments by payment methods, including credit cards, bank-based payments such as debit cards, bank transfers, and real-time bank transfers based on online banking. It connects to payment methods around the world, including international credit cards, local cash-based methods, such as Boleto in Brazil, Internet banking methods, such as iDEAL in the Netherlands, and mobile payment methods, such as Blik in Poland. The technology platform acts as a payment gateway and service provider, offering risk management and local acquiring.


We were tasked to develop a Sylius payment plugin supporting the multitude of payment options offered by Adyen. Our previous Sylius integration was based on an obsolete solution, and we wanted to remake it. Their integrations for other platforms, including Shopware 5&6, have been well-established and successful in the industry, and consequently, we wanted to create a solution that would be on par with them. 


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To eliminate the need to use Payum (the default payment library in Sylius), we needed to develop a custom solution that builds upon direct state machine updates without Payum as an intermediary. The main goals were:

  • Offering as many payment methods as possible
  • Refunds
  • Easy addition of new payment methods via the drop-in

Solution & Outcome

By embedding the drop-in, we allow the merchant to configure all of the payment methods they need in the Adyen customer area. The plugin will automatically apply constraints such as “what countries is this payment method available for?” so that only the list of payment methods has to be set up. We used the refund plugin to support Adyen’s refund system.

The integration supports the following payment methods:

  • Credit and debit card payments
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Klarna
  • BLIK
  • Polish Online Banking
  • iDEAL
  • Twint
  • WeChat Pay
  • Alipay

With the support of BLIK and Polish Online Banking, the plugin has the potential to become a popular choice among Polish clients. Digital wallets (Apple Pay and Google Pay), which are increasingly successful in many areas, will definitely attract buyers who value a quick and easy checkout. 


One of the top-of-mind Sylius payment solutions

  • Many payment methods included
  • Refunds
  • Easy addition of new payment methods via the drop-in
BitBag is a strong partner and a great addition to our partner network. We are very happy with the plugin that their team has built in collaboration with us to bring the Adyen all-in-one payment platform to merchants on Sylius, thus enabling even more growth opportunities for their businesses.
Sascha Schwägele
Senior Manager Commercial Partnerships
at Adyen
Sascha Schwägele
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