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The most advanced payment gateway integration for Sylius

Mollie - advanced PSP integration for Sylius case study
Mollie - advanced PSP integration for Sylius case study


Mollie specializes in simplifying the world of online payments for webshop owners. It is one of Europe’s fastest-growing fin-tech companies. They are offering suitable and secure solutions that make processing payments easier and build innovative products to serve many customers efficiently. Mollie’s goal is to become ‘Europe’s most loved payment service provider’. You can find more information about Mollie on their official website:


Mollie reached us because they were interested in supporting Sylius and becoming the leading PSP on this platform. Their packages and plugins are also completely open-source, freely available, and easy to integrate into current developments close to our mission. As we did many open-source plugins for Sylius eCommerce Platform, Mollie decided to entrust the project to us.
We were requested to support them in the expansion of their offer to foreign markets. Knowing the value of Sylius on the French market and its growing popularity as a competitive solution for eCommerce, they decided to cooperate with us to create the best payment gateway for Sylius in Europe (later – in the world).


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“Creating the most loved payment gateway on Sylius” – was the main challenge of this project.

The Sylius platform provides a simple payment API that enables webshop and app builders to implement all relevant international and local payment methods. To implement it in Sylius, we had to create an API integration. As Mollie is rich in features, we had to implement those features to fit as a Sylius plugin, so that after successful integration, it allows:

  • Offering all major payment methods
  • Paying in different currencies
  • API integration
  • Managing (partial) shipments and orders by merchants
  • Adding additional payment methods and managing them per country
  • Adjusting the appearance for each payment method
  • Refunding orders and recurring payments
  • Guarantee of support above a specific version of Sylius

Solution & Outcome

Our cooperation with Mollie started in Q1 2020. As the first version of the plugin was basic (built by another developer), others added new functionalities. Collecting all additions and required features in one place, we can conclude that we were able to implement:

  • Recurring payments
    Mollie enables you to create any payment plan suitable for your business and collect recurring payments effortlessly.
    Mollie offers to choose the frequency of subscriptions and provides a token that is used for further orders. Also, such a plugin allows withholding or stopping a subscription at any time.
    With Mollie and its recurring payment component, it’s easy to process subscriptions. While the amount is fixed in standard recurring payment solutions, Mollie lets you choose monthly payment plans.
  • Mollie Components
    It allows the consumer to put in their Credit Cards details within the checkout without a redirect: improving the conversion.
  • Single-Click payments
    It allows the consumer to have their Credit Card details safely stored within Mollie, making their follow-up orders faster and easier. By improving the customer experience, the merchant will have happier customers.
  • Second Chance Email
    It allows the merchant to set a standard email template to be sent after a certain time frame after a consumer abandoned the payment of the order, allowing the consumer to retrieve the order and finish it.
  • Surcharge per payment
    The merchant can select a certain amount as an extra fee for using this method. It can be a fixed fee or a percentage of the order value.
  • Configuration of the order expiration date
    The merchant can change the standard 30-day order expiration date
  • Restrictions on country level
    The merchant can decide on the availability of the payment method for each country.
  • Partial shipment, partial refunds – integrated external plugin
  • Management of payment methods
  • Card data validation
  • Apple Pay as an additional payment method
  • Ability to change the name and logo (e.g. change ‘credit card’ to ‘Cartes Bancaires’)
  • Multi-Currency
  • As a result, we completed the basic assumption – creating the most loved payment gateway for Sylius. It is guaranteed that the plugin supports Sylius 1.5 and above.

The integration supports the following payment methods:

  • Credit Cards (Master Card, VISA, American Express)
  • PayPal
  • Klarna
  • iDEAL
  • SEPA
  • EPS
  • Giropay
  • ING Home’Pay
  • KBC/CBC Payment Button
  • Belfius Pay Button
  • Gift cards
  • Przelewy24

Mollie became Sylius Strategic Technology Partner. It means it is the preferred Sylius payment solution provider for merchants in Benelux, DACH, and France. The integration supports the most popular payment methods like PayPal, ApplePay, or Klarna and features such as a convenient checkout, partial order fulfillment, easy refunds, and more. It is the most expanded and supported plugin for the platform.

Now, Mollie is the most popular (installed over 95 000 times) and advanced payment gateway integration with Sylius. Development never stops, as we are keen on staying on top of further developments in the market and further improving the functionality and experience for the merchant.


“Creating the most loved payment gateway on Sylius” 

  • The most advanced PSP integration for Sylius
  • Management of payment methods
  • Partial shipment, partial refunds
The cooperation between Mollie and Bitbag has been a very fruitful and exciting experience. From the first conversations where we could align the goals and ambitions of both Bitbag and Mollie, we grew into a relation of continuous improvement. Currently, we can definitely say that we are the best possible Payment Service provider within the Sylius platform, thanks to the experience of Bitbag.
Merijn van Zuidam
Lead Technical Partner Manager
at Mollie B.V.
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