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B2B - Business to Business

We use the best tools and practices to enable great customer experience and performance for your contractors. We have experience in migrating legacy infrastructures to a new level of eCommerce. We can take care of PIM, ERP, Marketing Automation integrations and setup as well as omnichannel and custom workflows setup including automation, sales processes and business to business features. Our B2B services are based on Sylius (dedicated customization), Pimcore, Akeneo, eZ and Platform.

B2C - Business to Customer

We deliver unique customer experience using cutting-edge technology and methods your customers will love. Over the years we gained a lot of know-how in optimizing the ROI in the e-sales and scaling online stores. On top of that, we migrated many projects from platforms like Magento, Prestashop or WooCommerce for more flexibility, lower time to market and better performance.

MVM - Multi-Vendor Marketplace

We know how important technology is in Customer to Customer relation. That being said, we pay a lot of attention to creating fast, UX optimized and elastic apps that power up our customers' Multi-vendor Marketplaces. We have a lot of know-how in delivering MVM for fashion and entertainment. Our technology stack contains Sylius (custom Marketplace suite) and Pimcore, eZ Platform for content distribution.

PIM - Product Information Management

Our Product Information Management implementations adapt easily to any infrastructure. We understand how important product data is. That is why we have chosen to work Akeneo and Pimcore which feature great management experience, dozens of configuration variants like supported languages, import/export formats, administrator permissions, acceptance workflows.

CMS - Content Management System

We can distribute content that matters in various languages, channels and sources. Using technologies like Pimcore and eZ Platform makes it super easy to publish the information your customers are looking for in real-time. Well-designed data architecture and API allows accessing the data from mobile and web applications or even custom devices. 

PWA - Progressive Web App

We can help you building higher mobile conversion rates and more customer engagement by elevating the number of ways your clients interact with your online store. Progressive Web App is the new generation of web interfaces we know. Make great User experience become part of your brand. It could be possible with technologies like VueStorefront & Vue.js in no time.