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Vue Storefront is – as the name suggests – a frontend Vue.js application used to display the store to the user in a performant, neat way. It’s a battle-tested bodiless set of modular features that can be easily connected to various eCommerce backend applications in a glimpse of an eye. As it’s an independent frontend application, you can scale it separately just to fit your needs. In other words, it’s the most visible part of your online shop which will be seen and used by every user that comes there.

All you have to have is an API layer exposed like REST or GraphQL in your platform and install (or prepare) an integration package to the Vue Storefront itself. Modern shops usually need to use various third-party tools, and Vue Storefront helps you connect them to your solution seamlessly, thanks to low coupling and high cohesion.

Currently, the supported version is the Vue Storefront 2.

What stands behind Vue Storefront?

  • The main goal is to be your new shop front
  • Great performance
  • Attractive appearance
  • Highest-level user experience (UX) both on desktop and mobile
  • Seamless integrations with backend applications
  • Good SEO

Vue Storefront is a modern, open-source PWA solution that lets you increase performance, build the customer journey, and release your developers’ creativity.

the idea behind the Vue Storefront

When do you need it? - Familiar issues

Long time to market

In the modern world speed is really important, and not only in the runtime context, but it also applies to all development processes. If you can provide business value faster and better, you can just simply outrun your competition. Vue Storefront provides hundreds of modules for all common functionalities which are ready to be used.

Slow shopfront

Nowadays almost nobody likes to wait, so it’s crucial to have a fast and performant page. Some estimates say that up to 1% of users will leave your website for every 100ms of delay in page load. With Vue Storefront you minimize this time and it’s done thanks to the lazy loading, lazy hydration, extensive caching, and reasonable preloading. Just let the Vue Storefront do the hard work for you!

Unresponsive and unattractive look

User experience is a key factor that affects the whole user’s satisfaction. Even when using the default Vue Storefront theme it looks and works smoothly. You can go even further with the customizations that Vue Storefront is made for. There are absolutely no limitations in terms of UI customization. Your theme is just a regular Nuxt.js project, which you can customize to any degree.

Bad application architecture

Vue Storefront is coming with a set of good architectural decisions based on years of experience with the online selling market.

Complicated migrations

As a platform-agnostic solution, you can switch your backend really fast, just by reconfiguring the shopfront application (applies to backends that Vue Storefront has integrations prepared for).

No mobile website version

Do you know that more than 50% of web traffic is a mobile one? If you don’t have a proper mobile version for your online shop, you just lose money. Vue Storefront solves this issue by giving you a mobile-friendly website out of the box and with PWA experience, which looks and behaves like a native application on mobile devices.

Looking for the outstanding frontend?

Who is the best for?

Fast and beautiful eCommerce solution

This technology can be a great fit for everyone who wants to sell online. It’s designed in a way to be easily accessible both for big enterprise solutions and small online shops. Below there is a list of common problems that online shop owners have to struggle with. If it concerns you, maybe
it’s a good idea to learn more about the idea behind the Vue Storefront?

How can we help you?

Possible solutions on top of the Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront 1.12.x & Sylius

To achieve the connection between these two applications you can use our SyliusVueStorefrontPlugin – which is a totally free Sylius API bridge. It’s battle-tested and works well for live production websites.

Vue Storefront 2 & Sylius

Totally new approach that allows connecting the latest versions of these two applications using the Sylius integration package and a new Sylius API with the GraphQL support. It’s still a work in progress but stay tuned – it will be available for you really soon and totally free.

ShopwarePWA & Shopware

ShopwarePWA is Vue Storefront 2 based frontend. Both solutions are open-source and we can provide support in customizations’ development and with going live.


How much does the use of software cost?

This application is an open-source one, constantly developed by the core team and the community contributors. This means that you don’t have to pay anything for using this piece of software – nevertheless, it’s always a great idea to contribute with your own fixes, ideas, and new features that can be possibly useful to others.

Future in mind

A well-known brands that have placed trust in Vue Storefront

We are an official Vue Storefront Partner

We are the official Vue Storefront partner and working together with ArtNight to provide open-source Vue Storefront 2 <-> Sylius seamless integration using vanilla components. SyliusVueStorefrontPlugin for the first Vue Storefront version is also a result of our common actions.

We are developing an international event ticket sales platform consisting of many brands, languages, and timezones – integrated with the Pimcore platform to orchestrate product information and assets.

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