Control The Data Chaos With Product Information Management (PIM)

Your One Source of Truth for Product Information

Efficient product information management is essential for an effective multi-channel sales strategy. PIM is the right solution. When your customers expect a unified product experience across all touchpoints,

With product information management, you can keep all your product data in one place and control its distribution.


Sales Channels Alignment

Create a centralized source of product data to keep all interactions with your brand consistent.

Product Data Unification

We will unify your product data from different sources and prepare data models to scale your sales with new sales channels.

Systems Integration

All your eCommerce systems will be integrated with a new PIM solution for maximum impact.

How We Already Helped Our Clients

  • +400% Increase in online sales
  • +250% Increase in mobile traffic
  • -70% Decrease in page loading time
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Why Product Information Management with BitBag?

  • Core and certified contributor of Sylius – open-source eCommerce platform
  • More than 100 successfully implemented eCommerce projects
  • Clients from over 20 countries
  • Large variety of customers – manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers
  • Vast knowledge of PIM implementations and integrations

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