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Akeneo is a Product Information Management (PIM) tool, that allows you to centralize and structure all product data in one place, from various data sources used by your company’s departments (ERP, CRM, database, files, etc.).
Akeneo PIM is actually based on Symfony 4 framework, with many reusable components.

PIM is software that allows you to:

  • Centralize and structure all product data in one place, from various data sources used by your company’s departments (ERP, CRM, database, files, etc.),
  • Avoid inaccuracies in product information,
  • Diversify the process of creating product content in the organization,
  • Adjust information in accordance with promotions, time, and metadata, which allows you to increase sales conversion.

Depending on the needs of your company, the Akeneo platform is available in
3 versions:

  • Community Edition version,
  • Enterprise Edition,
  • Cloud Edition (with 2 variants: Flexibility SaaS and Serenity PaaS).


There is always room for improvement

Effective management and increasing sales

Akeneo PIM is basically a great open-source PIM solution for anyone who has their products placed in more than one place, so it gives a possibility to keep the data clean and consistent. Depending on the scale of your business and your requirements you can choose either Community, Growth,
or Enterprise Akeneo edition.

Akeneo is the best solution for:

  • SMB and Enterprise online stores with a lot of product data,
  • Those who want to centralize their data from all sales channels,
  • Companies that have to constantly control the quality of their data.

Looking for the best PIM solution?

Benefit from well-organized data

Why do you need Akeneo PIM?

Your solutions looks good

If you need to suprise your customers or partners, Akeneo can use some tricks for you.
Akeneo PIM is a software that applies the approach - customer experience management. All solutions have been designed in such a way as to make it easier for your customer, to buy on your website.
To make your product data attractive, transparent and rich in information.

Easy eCommerce

Do you have problems with the functionality of your store? Often you cannot find a solution and you spend hours on searching the right one? The current system does not give you great opportunities? You don't have to be
a technical person. Akeneo PIM can close all of your issues. It is designed to facilitate the operation of your store.

Improve your resources

You do not know at what stage are the tasks of your employees? Akeneo has a nice solution for this, the Team Work Assistant module.
This option shows the publication progress indicator of a given product and its current status. Thanks to this, you will be able to plan your next activities and allocate responsibilities in the team. And if someone mess something up, thanks to the history of changes, you will know his/hers name.

Your invaluable technology

To help your business grow, Akeneo's solutions do several things for you. It controls data quality and product information dissemination for each channel.

No more abandoned basket with Akeneo PIM

Due to the fact that Akeneo has a lot of solutions to make your website and products more attractive, people are more likely to buy on your website, which means less lost baskets and money lost.

Yo hablo español

You need to sell your products on a foreign market? Do you know that you can have translation for free? Akeneo will allow you to save money on creating additional pages for different languages.
Akeneo PIM is multilingual, so you can translate your data into many languages.

Less work for you

Except for besides entering products manually, Akeneo PIM allows you to upload them using an .xml file. Developers had used the possibility of organizing a large amount of information. Now you can search your files using Smart Rules. You will surely agree that this is
a convenient solution.

Everything in one place

Product information management type tool supports multi-channel sales and communication according to a unified pattern. This means that every information is now managed in one place.
Also you can give your employees different rights (like leader, technical, etc.) so that they do not have access to the entire system and work on their projects.

Akeneo Onboarder

Akaneo Onboarder is a communication channel between wholesalers, sellers and suppliers. Thanks to this application, you can easily find information on product availability, new products proposals or deal with other business matters important to you.


Is Akeneo free?

Akeneo PIM has three editions, one of them is dedicated to the community, also known as
a Community edition, which is an open source software. This edition works great for PIM-beginners.
The other two are Growth & Enterprise editions, both with annual subscriptions & different features included.

Future in mind

Who uses Akeneo?

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