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Fature-rich, Developer-friendly, PHP-based eCommerce Application To Improve Your Business

Shopware is an open-source eCommerce platform based on Symfony, with the focus on customer experience. It was founded in 2000 and has already more than 80 000 satisfied customers. It’s not just a regular platform, their main goal is that every online shop on Shopware has an own personalized path and deliveries
a storytelling journey to the clients. The software is constantly developed by their users so in the result it meets the highest needs and delivers the best possible quality.

It is the most popular and improving ecommerce platform in Germany.
The PHP-based ecommerce solution has the community version that is open-source and fee-based versions. Time has shown that the biggest brands are happy with the Shopware choice.

Here are some of them: Borussia Dortmund,Aston Martin,Discovery Channel and also Vingino, the famous Dutch child clothing brand.

Shopware is available in the following editions:

  • Community Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Professional Plus Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

Shopware promotes openness and accessibility which is reflected in its business culture and people. So it doesn’t matter which size your company has, there are no limits to go up!

Convenient Solution

Shopware as an eCommerce solution that lets businesses grow easily!

This solution can be a great idea if you want to sell online. Shopware 6 appears to have more general appearance across a wider range of market industries, which is reflected in the company’s varied customer list. As with any e-commerce business or project, deciding whether Shopware 6 is right for you is subjective and requires a clear understanding of your business goals. That said, if your shop has ​​one or more of the problems below, that’s the solution for you.

Check, if Shopware is a good choice for your business!

the idea behind the Shopware

When do you need it? - Familiar issues

Being not up-to-date

Online shopping is very much on time these days. That is why having a website that is
up-to-date is a very important aspect of running an online store. Shopware 6 has a high level of admin control and autonomy in creating and publishing rich, interactive products and related content (especially for businesses with an engaging proposition or brand story to tell).

SEO optimatization

Website positioning is one of the most important elements of your shop. Proper optimization will allow your website to appear high in Google search results. Because of that new customers will find your site without any doubt.
Shopware 6 helps you with that, by completing the meta title, meta description for your product and category pages.
Make your content interesting for your channel and let the Shopware do the hard work for you!

Not being able to make any changes

If you need to make some small changes, you don't have to ask your developer for that. Shopware 6 has an easy-to-use panel for creating landing pages with many ready-made elements so that you can design
a sales page (shipping, pricing updates, new solutions) in a few minutes, even without any graphic or programming skills.

CRM mess

Too many accounts and places to check your orders and income? Shopware 6 will help you with that issue. By using Shopware 6 you can manage your sales channels.No matter if it is an online store, marketplace, social media, or POS. The Shopware administration panel allows you to handle transactions from all these points in one place.

Not enough options

Your products need more options than the default?
Shopware 6 has a dedicated panel that will help you manage product functions. It allows you to choose product configurations as you need. Based on the options of your system, Shopware will generate a list of your products. You will be able to manage your prices, sales and assortment.

No mobile website version

Do you know that more than 50% of your customers uses mobile to shop online? If you are not having the right version for you mobile shop, you are just loosing your money. Shopware 6 can solve your problem by giving you website that is mobile friendly, flexible, looks and behaves like a native app on mobile devices.

Too compiled online shop?

Shopware has a clean interface and an intuitive navigation panel. Its simplicity will allow you to quickly and conveniently check what you need. If you don't want every employee to have access like you. You can choose the role hierarchy option and do the selection, so that everyone can focus on their topics.

Your shop in application

To make your sales even easier, Shopware 6 has a solution that allows you to design web application. Progressive Web App uses the capabilities of mobile devices so that users can enjoy shopping on your website and explore your products freely.
Due to the fact that it is based on Vue Storefront, the application provides innovation, flexibility and convenient integration. All this to enhance your customer shopping experiences.

Flexible shopping

The creative panel will allow you to design engaging content, ads for your products, shipping informations, detailed product cards, landing or category pages. Thanks to the fact that your new customers will see the history of a given product, their details and essential details will make them curious and engaged in buying.


How much does the use of Shopware 6 cost?

This app has several cost options:

  • Start-up version, which is free,
  • The “Professional Edition” version, in this case, you can use your eCommerce and receive extensive Shopware 6 support service,
  • “Enterprise Edition” is used for complex business models for top performance and 24/7 support,
  • “Community Edition” is a free edition that allows you to set up your own store and hosting service.
Future in mind

Created with Shopware

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Why you should choose BitBag?

  • We have created 10 stores based on Shopware,
  • There is nothing “impossible” for us, we always find the best solutions,
  • We have 50+ passionate developers, ready to launch your online store,
  • We are engaged in the project at every stage,
  • We do not only hear, we listen, and we do it very well,
  • We are very dedicated to our work, so you can be sure that your store will be a perfection,
  • Our team has many years of experience in e-commerce,
  • Our clients come from 25 different countries,
  • We will find ourselves in every industry, our clients are – manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers,
  • BitBag is a Shopware official partner, we know Shopware from inside,
  • We know that Shopware is a trusted solution.

We are an official Shopware Partner

We are an official partner of Shopware, as always we select technologies and resources based on customer expectations.
By working with Shopware we provide open – source solution for B2B, B2C, Multi-Vendor Marketplace , OVA businesses.

We are developing a platform for unique stores, their ease of personalization, built – in functions and simple integration with other systems will make users want to make a purchase in your store.

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