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Ibexa (eZ Platform) is a modular digital experience platform, based on the Symfony framework. It consists of three valuable products: Ibexa Content, Ibexa Experience, and Ibexa Commerce. This open-source solution provides flexibility and ease in creating real digital experience platforms.

Advantages of using Ibexa DXP:

  • Digital transformation at your fingertips
  • Personalized customer experience,
  • Support custom order templates,
  • Custom and intuitive customer journeys,
  • Multi-channel and multi-store eCommerce.

With Ibexa Digital Experience Platform, you can transform traditional sales strategies into seamless shopping experiences.

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Why Ibexa is a great solution?

Seamless Integrations

Easy integration with most business systems makes your eCommerce implementation up and running immediately. Ibexa DXP works perfectly with other systems. Thanks to this, it solves your problems with integration.


Designing, developing, and deploying new features comes with speed and agility. API-First software design and headless-ready make the development a piece of cake.

Smart Management

Ibexa gives you the ability to separate content, so you can make changes to different channels. It allows web content to be sent outside of your website, including mobile devices, social media, and even distribution channels. It is the perfect solution for smart management.

Save Money

Save time and money your business invests in the administration, distribution, and personalization of digital content. Ibexa DXP makes working across multiple channels, markets, and languages easy, effective, and affordable - from simplifying collaboration to streamlining content distribution.

You Are The Boss

With Ibexa DXP you are able to create new websites, personalize product recommendations, and manage SEO strategies across a wide range of locations within one system that contains all you need to deliver a game-changing digital experience.

Ibexa Commerce

Provide your businesses with a unified platform that covers all aspects of the eCommerce experience. It is possible with a dedicated interface by integrating content, personalization, and commerce functionalities.

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Ibexa DXP, how much does it cost?

Ibexa’s pricing has four stages of subscription licensing & service add-ons.

  • Ibexa Content is designed for everyone that needs to create content, eCommerce, marketing, and self-service apps. A yearly subscription starts from € 30K /year.
  • Ibexa Experience is the best option for companies that want to create great experiences for their customers. A yearly subscription starts from € 37K /year.
  • Ibexa Commerce is a digital experience platform for B2B digitalization. A yearly subscription starts from € 44K /year.
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