Ibexa (eZ Platform) - High Independence, Functionality And Security

Unlimited Content With The Possibility Of Personalization

Ibexa (eZ Platform) is a leading PHP CMS based on the Symfony framework. It allows developers to create and design websites and applications. This open-source platform provides flexibility and ease of creation for team like ours who are used to the Symfony framework.

Advantages of using Ibexa:

  • Implementation on Symfony Full Stack Framework,
  • Provide full functionality,
  • Support custom order templates,
  • Custom purchase paths for defined user rights,
  • Multi-channel and multi-store eCommerce.

With Ibexa Digital Experience Platform (eZ Publish), you can transform traditional sales strategies into seamless shopping experiences.

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Why Ibexa is a great solution?

Integration Everywhere

Do you often hear that it is impossible? That these systems cannot be integrated? There are no such problems with eZ Platform. The eZ Publish integration platform works perfectly with others. Thanks to which it solves your problems with integration.

Ibexa Is A Tree

ezPublish uses a tree structure which makes it easy to see the entire back-end. Instead of a long list, you'll spot it on a branch. What does it mean? This means you don't need a developer to solve small, non-technical content management stuff. Each branch is appropriately named so that you can easily find it. For additional order, you can separate key elements such as descriptions in social media or SEO.

Smart Management

Separating content from design makes it possible to change the purpose of the content in different channels.
Ibexa gives you the ability to separate content from design, so you can make changes to different channels. This allows web content to be sent outside of your website, including mobile devices, social media and even distribution channels. It is the perfect solution for smart management.

Save Money

You no longer need to start your code from scratch after updating. eZ Publish has a very clear upgrade path considering compatibility earlier, even 10 or 15 years from now.
This is a huge saving of money and work.

You Are The Boss

Make It eZ

Thanks to eZ platforms, you can customize the code to your needs. Importantly, eZ Systems maintains and supports the basic code, but you still own it and you can adapt it to you.

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eZ Platform, how much it cost?

This open-source solution has three options with four stages of subscription licensing & service add-ons.

  • Ibexa Content, designed for everyone that need to create content, eCommerce, marketing, self-service,
  • Ibexa Experience, it’s the best option for companies who wants to create great experiences for their customers,
  • Ibexa Commerce, digitalization, automation and business transactions.


Future in mind

Customers want Ibexa!

We are a great team

Why choosing BitBag is the best option?

  • We are experienced, our PHP developers did over 100 websites,
  • Over 25 companies trusted us with their business,
  • For us there is no impossible, we can find solutions for every problem,
  • Our team is engaged with all of our projects,
  • Quality is very important to us, that means – we deliver clean code,
  • Ibexa experience, it’s what we have,
  • You don’t have to search the best solution, we will help you with that,
  • Our clients are from all over the world,
  • We develop very quickly, our team counts 50+ talented developers, and we are still growing,
  • With our skills, personalization of your store is an easy peasy,
  • No technology is alien to us, our developers are very well-educated,
  • Manufacture? Wholesale? Retailer? We can we can provide service for any customer.
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New Business Developer
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