Sylius, an open-source eCommerce platform, continues to evolve and grow as the best choice for building custom online stores. Much of Sylius’s flexibility and extensibility is attributed to its robust plugin system. Already in 2023, several plugins appeared that are essential additions to improve your Sylius-based online store. In this post, we will delve into the 10 best Sylius plugins that can improve your Sylius project in 2024.

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1. SyliusCMSPlugin by BitBag

The SyliusCMSPlugin by BitBag is a pivotal component for content management within your Sylius-based eCommerce project. It empowers you to effortlessly create and manage content, including pages, blocks, and menus. With an intuitive interface and extensive customization options, this plugin assists you in crafting an engaging and dynamic online storefront. Learn more >>>

Top sylius plugins - SyliusCMSPlugin by BitBag

2. SyliusElasticsearchPlugin by BitBag

The SyliusElasticsearchPlugin by BitBag elevates Sylius’ search capabilities by seamlessly integrating Elasticsearch. It delivers rapid and precise search results, greatly enhancing the user experience by helping customers locate products with ease. Learn more >>>

Top sylius plugins - SyliusElastixsearchPlugin by BitBag

3. WishlistPlugin by BitBag

Customer engagement is paramount, and the WishlistPlugin by BitBag facilitates a seamless shopping experience. It enables customers to save and manage their preferred products, fostering return visits and conversions. This plugin is indispensable for any Sylius store. Learn more >>>

Top sylius plugins - WishlistPlugin by BitBag

4. ProductBundlePlugin by BitBag

For businesses offering product bundles or special promotions, the ProductBundlePlugin by BitBag streamlines the process. Create product bundles effortlessly, apply discounts, and offer unique deals to entice more customers. Learn more >>>

Top sylius plugins - ProductBundlePlugin by BitBag

5. TierPricePlugin by Brille24

Tiered pricing is a potent strategy for encouraging customers to make larger purchases. The TierPricePlugin by Brille24 extends Sylius to support tiered pricing structures, allowing you to implement dynamic pricing strategies to boost sales. Learn more >>>

6. Invoicing Plugin by Sylius

Effective invoice management is essential for eCommerce businesses. The InvoicingPlugin by Sylius simplifies the invoicing process, making it easier to generate, manage, and send invoices to customers, elevating your store’s professionalism. Learn more >>>

7. PriceHistoryPlugin by Sylius

Price fluctuations are commonplace in eCommerce, and transparency is key to maintaining customer trust. The PriceHistoryPlugin by Sylius automatically records and displays price history, enabling customers to track price changes over time. Learn more >>>

8. Enhanced eCommerce Plugin

The Enhanced eCommerce Plugin for Sylius enhances your store’s analytics capabilities. Integrated with Google Analytics, it provides advanced eCommerce tracking, empowering you to comprehend customer behavior, optimize your sales funnel, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your online store’s performance. Learn more >>>

9. BackInStockNotification Plugin by Webgiraffe

Keeping customers informed about product availability is crucial. The BackInStockNotification Plugin by Webgiraffe allows customers to subscribe to notifications for out-of-stock items, ensuring you never miss a sales opportunity when products are back in stock. Learn more >>>

Top Sylius Plugins - BackInStockNotification Plugin by Webgiraffe

10. SyliusTermsPlugin by Setono

Legal compliance is a fundamental aspect of eCommerce. The SyliusTermsPlugin by Setono simplifies the implementation of terms and conditions, privacy policies, and other legal documents on your Sylius website, ensuring your business adheres to legal requirements. Learn more >>>


These plugins offer diverse functionalities that can be combined to create a tailored Sylius solution catering to your unique business requirements. When planning your Sylius project in 2024, consider incorporating these plugins to propel your eCommerce store to new heights. Be sure to check the compatibility of these plugins with your Sylius version and consult their documentation for seamless integration. With these plugins in your arsenal, you’ll be well-prepared to build a robust, feature-rich online store using Sylius in 2024.

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