Each of us as a customer likes to receive discounts and use promotions. However, we mostly use the free shipping option. Adding anything to your cart to keep your shipment free. Do you know it? This plugin will provide your customers with free shipping in exchange for their product subscription.

How does the plugin work?

Sylius shipping subscription plugin offers functionality that allows you to enable free shipping to customers who have purchased a subscription.

Why is it worth implementing a shipping subscription plugin?

  • Customers are motivated to buy your products as they will get free shipping,
  • Customers pay in advance for a few months which motivates them to buy regularly.

Key features for shipping subscription

  • Possibility to set the amount from which free shipping will be possible,
  • Possibility to set many subscription variants and their duration.

Plugin Configuration

Step 1 – Create a product

To enable the purchase of a subscription for free shipping you have to create a product. Mark this product as
a shipping subscription and save.

Step 2 – Create a variant and set the duration

Once the product is saved, create a variant and set the duration of the subscription (in months).

Step 3 – Create a shipping method

Now customers can purchase a subscription for free shipping. But now you need to create a new shipping method. Set “Is shipping subscription required?” to on. Then, type the amount from which free shipping will be possible.


Once a user purchases a subscription and payment is confirmed, the subscription is activated.