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Pimcore is a separate system to manage data, digital assets, and content.
It can be used as a blog or as a standalone store – but it works best for collecting content – so that you can select the relevant fragments and create, for example, articles for a blog or product descriptions in different languages for an online store.

It is most often used as a PIM solution (product information management)
a system for managing a product catalog.

  • Store everything about products in one place – descriptions, photos, prices, availability in various sales channels, bar codes, and any other data
  • Configure, for example, related posts on Instagram,
  • Search for the data,
  • View the history (who changed what and when) of a given content – for example, a product.

Export a catalog structure tailored to the customers of a given store to Sylius, Shopware, or any other eCommerce platform, then group and manage them in Pimcore. 

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Who is the best for?

Sell many products in different stores and on different markets

Pimcore – the open-source PIM software is a good choice for:

  • Customers who sell an extensive range of products in several different stores, on several markets (e.g., in Germany and the USA),
  • Customers who sell their products also outside their own store, for example, through Amazon – you can use information about the products in your own store, and also use it to create an auction (adding other descriptions based on the descriptions from the store, using other photos),
  • Customers for whom a large part of the work promotes their products on the Internet
    in Pimcore, it is easier to create long descriptions due to the better editor and storage of version information. In addition, you can use photos that are not used in the store, create content for social platforms, store links to previously created articles.

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Product Information Management

Create a coherent brand story and provide your users with the information they are looking for.

Master Data Management

Manage your products and user experiences across all channels.

Digital Asset Management

Manage your brand and its communication. Store, use, and share your marketing materials with everyone who needs them.

Digital Commerce Platform

Delight your users with an agnostic platform that delivers the best digital experience with a modular API.

Digital Experience Management

Create and publish content to all online and offline channels. Manage a personalized experience regardless of the platform.

Customer Data Platform

Be consistent in the appearance of your brand and its communication. Create personalized communication based on customer data.


How much does the use of software cost?

Pimcore is available as an open-source PIM solution (Pimcore Community Edition).

There are also versions of ‘Enterprise Edition’ / ‘Enterprise Edition Unlimited‘ priced individually, with support and SLA guarantees (the service will run at least, for example, 99% of the time).

All the versions mentioned above are self-hosted, so you have to take into account the cost of your own server.

For those, who don’t want to handle their own server environment, there are Cloud versions.

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Get organized

Brands that trust Pimcore

Technology in mind

Rely on certified Pimcore developers

We are certified Pimcore developers.

  • We unify data about products – we create data models and configure Pimcore so that the added products/product brands / other types of objects – have all the information that we need in Sylius during import (or in other systems with which Pimcore is to integrate).
  • Integration with other systems – we add functionality to Sylius that allows you to import data about products from Pimcore. In addition, we add to Pimcore the functionality of sending data to other systems that the client has.

In different projects, Pimcore integration is done in different ways. Tell us what you need, and we will achieve that.

We are developing an international event ticket sales platform consisting of many brands, languages, and timezones – integrated with the Pimcore platform to orchestrate product information and assets.

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