Product Information Management (PIM) systems are becoming increasingly significant for many eCommerce stores, especially for mid-sized and large enterprises. They are invaluable for managing various sales channels and organizing extensive product inventories. This software automates repetitive tasks by centralizing and distributing product data and ensuring clients receive precise information.

One of the PIM systems is Ergonode, a complex solution for managing product information. Considering our partnership and cooperation in eCommerce projects, we decided to develop an integration that connects Ergonode with Sylius.

But before moving on to the integration, let’s do a quick overview of Ergonode and its extensive capabilities.

Quick jump

Ergonode is a modern PIM system that helps eCommerce businesses edit, manage, and distribute product content across all online sales channels. The creation of Ergonode was based on the concept of “human-centric design”; therefore, it entered the market as an intuitive, ergonomic, and efficient system. Thanks to the microservices architecture and API-first approach, Ergonode is an extremely flexible system where each functionality has a separate interface and can be tailored to the business requirements.

Ergonode is available in 5 versions, including the Free version and 4 commercial ones – Essential, Advance, Scale, and Enterprise.

What is Ergonode?

Each version differs in offered functionalities and support, allowing users to choose the option that fits their business needs best. Additionally, while four versions are offered as SaaS solutions, the Enterprise edition is also offers a PaaS option.

As we briefly introduced the Ergonode solution, let’s take a closer look at the features of this PIM system.  

Key features of Ergonode

As we mentioned, Ergonode is an innovative product information management (PIM) system designed to streamline the management and distribution of product data. Its key features provide companies with the tools they need to effectively organize, enrich and disseminate product information across a variety of channels.

Product content management

 Ergonode is a user-friendly platform ideal for any content expert. It supports everything from creating product designs from scratch to adding keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) and offering translation options. Ergonode offers an excellent environment for designers and marketing teams to operate efficiently. Additionally, category trees enable content organization according to product types.

Multimedia management

Quickly and conveniently upload media either in bulk or individually, linking them to selected products to enhance your company’s product experience.


Ergonode simplifies the creation of multilingual content through the use of translations and AI tools. With a simple click, text can be edited and translated directly within the Ergonode system. Apart from that, users can be assigned to work in their native language, enabling your team to operate more effectively.

Teamwork tools

Speaking of the team, Ergonode enhances teamwork and business efficiency by allowing users to manage product catalogs and set “Correct” or “Publish” status to inform other team members about the work progress. In addition, team members can be assigned specific roles like “Manager” or “Copywriter” to minimize errors and restrict unauthorized access to certain parts of your store.


Thanks to its flexible architecture, Ergonode can be integrated with many popular eCommerce solutions on the market. Simply connect your eCommerce website with PIM using a connector on the Ergonode’s website.

AI tools

Leverage AI tools such as a content generator to gain inspiration to create and enrich content on the website.

Sylius <> Ergonode Connector

The Sylius x Ergonode Connector enriches the Sylius platform with Ergonode’s functionalities. The connector, which is a plugin for Sylius, allows integration between Sylius and Ergonode. This reusable connector enables the communication between Ergonode and the Sylius instance at the appropriate URL, transferring information about modifications regarding products, categories, attributes, etc., from Ergonode directly to the Sylius platform.

The information that can be transferred from Ergonode to Sylius include:

Product changes:

  • Name (multilingual)
  • Description (multilingual)
  • Variants
  • Category membership
  • Assigning attributes
  • Membership in a sales channel

  Category changes:

  • Name change (multilingual)
  • Changing the description (multi-language)
  • Tree management (adding/removing elements)
  • Assigning products to categories

  Attribute changes:

  • Name (multilingual)

Changes in types of attributes:

  • Date
  • Select
  • Multiselect
  • Numeric
  • Text
  • Textarea

As mentioned earlier, Ergonode is also available in a “Free” version, which, combined with the open-source Sylius and the available connector, lowers the entry threshold for companies that want to test the PIM solution for their store.

Why is it worth to integrate Ergonode with Sylius?

When it comes to the Sylius eCommerce platform, Ergonode brings major improvements in terms of managing product information. Here are the main challenges that Ergonode effectively addresses:

  • Complex Product Management: Ergonode enables advanced product management, addressing the varied and complex requirements of modern eCommerce businesses.
  • Template Capabilities: Ergonode allows for the creation of similar products sharing a common base and extensive configuration.
  • Agile Operations: Leverage agile options for product filtering, category management, and managing product relationships to enhance product sorting, organization, and presentation.
  • Content Customization: Ergonode simplifies content customization by allowing the insertion of variables in descriptions, enhancing precision, dynamic content handling, and adaptability to changes.
  • Bulk Product Import: The bulk product import feature is crucial for companies managing large inventories or those aiming to rapidly expand their operations without adding each product manually.
  • Product Building Flow: Establish a consistent and systematic product development flow, thereby improving product management and development.


Wrapping up, Ergonode is an extremely valuable solution for companies using Sylius, addressing numerous product management challenges and boosting the platform’s performance and adaptability. Thanks to this integration, Ergonode streamlines workflows and enhances user experiences in Sylius-based stores. Moreover, its flexibility allows businesses to customize features to meet specific needs, making it a powerful tool for eCommerce operations.