Sylius CMS plugin is our Open Source integration for content management in Sylius. Recently, we have been working hard on providing a lot of new features. That being said, Sylius CMS plugin 2.0 happened. We think it is cool and we hope you will do so as well.

Plugin overview

SyliusCmsPlugin is an addition that makes it possible to add content blocks, media, pages, FAQs, and sections to your Sylius instance. It all can be managed from the admin panel. It’s built with the same concept as Sylius, which means it’s tested with BDD, built on the same components and bundles that the framework is, and it’s highly flexible. Since SyliusCmsPlugin 1.* following features have been added:

  • Default WYSIWYG editor with image upload module
  • Channel awareness
  • CSV import module for blocks and pages
  • DAM module (Digital Assets Management)
  • Preview feature
  • Availability to use bitbag_sylius_cms_render_media and bitbag_sylius_cms_render_block functions in the admin panel
  • Sitemap support

Also, many bugs have been fixed since the last version. We have extended the documentation as well. You will find some use cases and more specifics about the features included in the plugin. If you consider upgrading from 1.*, you should take a look at the upgrade guide.

Our mission behind the project

In June, the plugin celebrated its first year of existence. During this year, almost 10 000 installations of it were made, and more than 60 people appreciated our work with GitHub star. Although these are not huge numbers, we believe that it made a lot of people’s lives easier and they do enjoy using it. We also believe that it will be recognized as a must-have Sylius plugin in the future. We are building our brand on top of Open Source, and we’d like to say huge thank you to you, contributors, and plugins users. All issues and pull requests (especially pull requests) are a great appreciation for what we do and keep us motivated to do even more in the future. Especially, we wanted to thank people who recommend us to their customers as Sylius plugins and projects development agency. Last but not least, thank you, our dear clients. Many of our Open Source plugins wouldn’t exist without you.

Future plans

We recently decided to offer Pimcore in our technology stack. Pimcore is an excellent platform for PIM, CMS, DAM with fantastic UX that makes data management more manageable, especially in more significant systems, like eCommerce. We are planning to make our CMS prepared for integration with this kind of platform and use it as a proxy for communication between Sylius and Pimcore. Once we do it, we will probably gain much more experience in content management topics, which should translate into many new improvements and features in the plugin. We are planning to share more details once the integration is made so that you can use similar patterns to communicate with platforms like eZ, WordPress, Sulu, etc.


We would appreciate your help with the plugin. The most activity in the project occurs once we need to use it in a Sylius project and adjust to client needs. Recommending us as a strong Sylius development partner helps us building better Open Source software. Obviously, we would also love to get your opinion on Sylius Slack (my nick is @bitbager), know about your issues with the plugin and review PRs with new features.

If you need any help with installation, documentation or implementation, feel free to contact us via this page or the contact form below.