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eCommerce for opticians
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Enhance your online presence in the optical sector in response to the needs and expectations of your customers. Transfer your optical business to a fully functional eCommerce business.

Create a new eCommerce store and sell glasses and contact lenses online!

eCommerce for Opticians
Benefit from online sales

eCommerce solutions for the optical industry

Sell glasses online

For optical retailers who would like to expand reach across the globe within a new revenue stream, we have the eCommerce solution to suit the most complex needs.

Modern look for your business

Simple brochure style website to gain new customers in the most effective way. Let your patients book their eye test online, send you a message, or read about your services and products on their phones.

Recreate personal service

Allow customers to browse glasses, save their prescriptions online, get recommendations on lenses, see how tints look on their selected frame, do virtual try-ons, and finally purchase the glasses.

Robust filters on your pages

Due to the large selection of products of eyewear brands on a variety of sites, it is crucial that the client can choose the right glasses (or contact lenses), with filter options, to suit them best.

Attract new and existing patients to your new website.

Set up an online store today with reliable eCommerce solutions.
Drive sales with best-of-breed technology

eCommerce for opticians

Focus on patient experience:
Detailed product pages

Allow users to conveniently select contact lens parameters such as power, cylinder, axis, and lens color for two eyes separately. As a result, buyers will acquire two product packages simultaneously, with different parameters, without selecting the product again.


Virtual try-on:
Excellent frame and glasses selection

When people buy glasses online, they want to see how they will look in them. Virtual testing is a way of accomplishing this goal. Customers are allowed to see their faces with confidence when purchasing glasses. Using virtual tests to solve the fit issue, speed the buying process and decrease the tendency to return the product.

Optics - visual try-on

User-friendly online store:
Service like in local store

Customers have difficulty determining the frames or glasses shape they want, especially when choosing from many possibilities. The store’s staff often helps customers find the right pair. Offer Live Commerce – a real-time consultation with experts to help your patients with the glasses choosing process.


Digital marketing:
Creative Content

Clinical articles on common eye care issues and concerns ensure your patients do not need to look elsewhere for any of their eye care queries. Let your site become a source of knowledge and reassurance, even when your practice is closed.


Live eCommerce solution for optical business

Mobile & web eCommerce app built on top of Sylius

  • +200%
    The average number of sold lenses
  • +50
    New opticians, after the first MVP version
  • The solution that stands for years

It was a pleasure to work with BitBag. They were available in both good and bad times. They have a very professional attitude and a very high standard of code, with a clear focus on testability and architecture. They did a fantastic job while kickstarting our project with an Event Storming session and helped us build our first MVP.
Michael Schürpf
CTO at Lensvision AG
Digital solutions for the optical industry

Expand your reach, connect with patients 24/7 and create a new stream of revenue

Radosław Żurawski
Jakub Leśniewski
Business Development Representative