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Tailored solutions for the automotive industry should ensure efficient and effective service of order management processes, which are characterized by high complexity in this sector. 

Create a pleasant shopping experience for your current and potential customers in the automotive industry.

e-Commerce platform for automotive sales

The automotive industry at a glance

Discounts & bundles

Offer discounted prices for bulk buyers. Enable your customers to order auto parts at a discounted range of prices and suggest them special bundles.

Informative product page

The product page should be transparent, intuitive, and full of information about the auto parts and accessories available in automotive eCommerce.

Shipping Calculation

Let your customers know the shipping price. Provide precise shipping information by automatically calculating the price, shipping, and taxes for the product or auto parts.

Smooth Payments

Minimize the number of steps required to purchase products and offer the most desirable payment methods (domestic and international payment gateways).

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Features for the automotive eCommerce market

My Garage:
Unmistakable customer experience

Allow customers to enter and save their vehicle in a dedicated panel. You may extend this functionality to “multi-vehicle”, allowing customers to add several vehicles’ specifications and switch between them. Next, personalize search results accordingly to the pre-selected car. It makes it easier for the customer to browse products.

Automotive - My Garage

Fit a part for a car online

Allow users to check whether the selected product is compatible with their vehicle or not directly on the product page/checkout page. Additionally, display the table or listing with data on vehicle fitment in the description section of a product page. It increases customers’ confidence in auto parts compatibility.

Automotive - Fitment

Streamline operations

Streamline the purchase online by offering filters – another convenient way for users to navigate your auto parts store. Arrange them in order “most convenient/most relevant” for customers, and introduce category-specific filters.

Automotive - filters

Product Recommendations:
Increase your online sales

Improve customer satisfaction with personalized upselling opportunities. Offer vehicle-compatible product recommendations for customers. When users see relevant auto parts or other products in the “You May Also Like” section, they stay longer on your website and take time to explore the market.

Automotive Recommendations

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The most powerful eCommerce search engine build on top of Sylius

  • Implementation of search engine
  • Single-page checkout
  • Mini- and multi-basket
  • Multi-source inventory

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Clickable Automotive

Migration from Magento 1 to Sylius: The time zone is no longer a barrier.

  • Implementation of search engine - Quick-finder and fitment
  • Promotion system
  • Single page checkout
  • Order management

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