Ergonode PIM streamlines product information management

Simple and ergonomic platform

Ergonode is software for managing product information. It helps the product content team create, edit, manage and distribute product content across all online sales channels.

Ergonode is a modern PIM system that facilitates and improves the management of digital resources in eCommerce.

This PIM system takes your PIM work to the next level. With an easy distribution of content to various markets in any language, you may attract millions of new users.

Create, supervise and distribute product information to multiple channels simultaneously with a convenient solution.


Choose a version tailored to the needs of your company

Ergonode is available in two versions:

  • Start Edition (Cloud SaaS)
  • Pro Edition (PaaS solution)

Which of them will work best for your business depends on your needs 

Ergonode Start Edition allows you to go about your eCommerce as it covers support and hosting challenges. You don’t have to worry about updates – your system will be stable, up-to-date, and rich in all new features.

Ergonode Pro Edition may be installed in the Cloud, but it also gives you freedom in choosing the hosting environment. In addition, there are more customization options.

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The main benefits of Ergonode PIM

A well-organized product data management system is crucial for a successful eCommerce business. Benefit from reliable PIM solution and:

  • Create advanced relationships between products
  • Standardize sales and order handling
  • Efficiently manage a large number of multi-attribute products
  • Simplify and accelerate product catalog management
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Raise team satisfaction

Thanks to the already created integrations with popular eCommerce platforms, you may shorten the time to market.

Manage the content of your products

Software for product information management solves major information issues such as inaccurate results. Ergonode centralizes and organizes data available from one accessible place. With automated data processing, every group member can enhance product content quickly. Let your team’s imagination run wild and design stunning product sheet layouts.

Minimize the risk of errors with an ergonomic, intuitive, and transparent product card.


A well-known solution in a new edition

Product management in Ergonode has been improved to an Excel-like experience, so your team can edit all product data faster and easier. So what are the benefits for you?

  • Make changes directly to product lists with easy bulk operations
  • Easy change column positions with the drag & drop system
  • Advanced filters
  • Handle hundreds of thousands of products with great performance

Lean management philosophy mapped in Ergonode

The road to excellence is at hand. With Ergonode, you can take your teamwork to the next level and implement the best product improvement process.
Organize work and set rules within the team when creating products/product pages. At each stage, you can define any statuses and create multiple workflow processes with the product’s content. The Lean Management methodology has been mapped in the intuitive Kanban workflow view, thanks to which you have the possibility of transparent management.


Act globally in data consistency

The PIM Ergonode system allows you to spread wings, thanks to the possibility of managing different data in each channel. You can control the consistency of data, whether it is product data for an online store, printed catalogs, direct email, or B2B sales.
If you need to make your data available to distributors and dealers around the world, it will never be difficult again. Ergonode organizes data for partners in one place, and you can customize it with attractive product descriptions for different markets.


Why Ergonode?

Ergonode is an open-source PIM system with many years of experience in the industry. It helps entrepreneurs in digital transformation and responds to their needs.
The mission behind this PIM system is simple – to make managing thousands of products as simple and convenient as possible. Bearing in mind user experience, it focuses on design, performance, and ergonomics.

Organize your data

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