2021 was followed by the time of the 2020 pandemic. During these two years, a lot has changed; most companies moved their physical stores to the eCommerce world so their customer can do online shopping. The job advertisements for developers and marketers to run social media – were falling like aces from the sleeve. In 2021, B2C sales in social media increased, thanks to the possibility of marking products on their profiles. Dropshipping has also developed a lot, breaking its records in 2020. And because of the still raging pandemic – the e-grocery segment grew because many people bought products with home delivery – online.

What will be the top eCommerce trends in 2022? Let’s find out.

Purchase by using Alexa

Purchases made with the voice of: “Alexa, check the availability of the PS5 console closest to me in the MediaMarkt” – imagine shopping this way. This is a trend that is only just being introduced to the eCommerce market, so it should attract special attention to companies that want to follow new directions.”In Poland, voice commerce is only at the beginning of its development path, but it is expected that its popularity will increase rapidly in the coming years. According to OC&C Strategy Consultants’ forecasts, sales of voice services will reach $40 billion by 2022, so now, for internet sellers, introducing voice commerce may be an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. “


Indeed, in the new year, our attention will be drawn to Q-Commerce, which enables the delivery of ordered products in less than 30 minutes. A famous company that offers such services is Glovo, which in conjunction with companies such as Biedronka or Auchan, offers couriers access to smaller warehouses where the goods are stored, which is available on the mobile application from which the customer makes a purchase. It was a smart solution in 2021 and will develop even further in 2022 due to its simplicity and convenience.

Parcel Machines

Parcel machines in 2022 will significantly affect the eCommerce market. The traditional delivery model is often abandoned in favor of the newly constructed parcel lockers. It is a more ecological and convenient solution. Parcel lockers work 24/7, usually stand nearby, and are uncomplicated. Companies that offer their parcel lockers in Poland are InPost PKN Orlen and One Box Allegro. One Day Delivery is a huge advantage of such solutions, thanks to which your parcel can be picked up within 24 hours – it’s incredible!

Live Commerce

Some applications allow you to showcase your product live. This means that those who make purchases using virtual reality can have better, more precise access to a given product. The buying feeling itself seems to be even more pleasant, and most importantly, we can make such purchases from anywhere in the world. Statistics on the Internet say that sales via live commerce in China in 2020 amounted to $171 million. By the end of 2022, this number is expected to increase to $423 million. Conducting live sales during the broadcast, e.g., on Instagram or Facebook, can generate a good sales opportunity.

Marketplace – eCommerce businesses

A marketplace is a space where sellers offer their products. The most popular marketplaces in Poland are Allegro and Empik, while the pioneer in the e-commerce market worldwide is the unrivaled Amazon. Marketplace sellers gather customers just like a stationary market.

Everyone will find there something for themselves. How do such companies earn? Very simple, they just charge a commission on sales.

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Chatbots in 2022 will be a breakthrough solution in the eCommerce industry. Artificial intelligence is developing faster and faster. Chatbots perform customer service that is available to the user 24/7. It makes the entire purchasing process more pleasant. We have the impression that we can ask someone for help, and we will receive this help most often—companies belonging to the LPP group – incl. Reserved or Mohito use chatbots that help solve over 200 of the most prevalent problems reported to the Customer Service Office. Do you use them in your store?

Image search

The subsequent development of artificial intelligence technology will be visual search, i.e., image search. Since phones have become an extension of our hands, customer purchasing requirements are increasing, so artificial intelligence comes to the rescue. All you need to do is take a photo with your phone of the given subject, and you will be automatically transferred to the website that has access to the product you are interested in and will allow you to purchase it. How awesome is that? 

Radosław Żurawski - CSO at BitBag
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Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is based on the past purchasing behavior of products, tools, and tools that help intelligence through in-store recommended valuation. They suggest that your customers buy more specific products, product recommendations, and more frequent purchases.

Configurable products

The ability to change products by users shopping online has not reached the peak of popularity and interest. Still, it is a trend worth attention, which may give us more freedom when placing orders and a more significant influence on what we want to order. And I’m not talking about creating your shirts, but more advanced products, such as creating dental products (e.g., bite correctors) based on their model/structure of the teeth or skin products based on the condition of a given person’s skin. The more personalized products you can offer as a business, the better the shopping experience.

Online shopping – Mobile

The vast majority of online purchases are made through mobile devices. The tool from which the highest sales are recorded is the laptop, then the phone, and finally the tablet—no wonder the phone is in an elevated position. We cannot imagine the purchasing process now without mobile applications, websites optimized for mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. We check each review of a given product online. We compare product prices thanks to mobile phones and tablets.

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Eco-friendly eCommerce approach – social commerce

Use sustainable, eco-friendly materials to create your products. Use materials that are eco-friendly when shipping. Thanks to this approach, you will gain the sympathy of current customers, expand your reach and thus gain new customers. Not to mention, you save the planet this way.

Drone delivery

The acceleration of the delivery process thanks to drone technology is in line with the trends that will apply in 2022 and beyond. Would you like your package delivered by drone, or do you like your delivery man?


So if you want your business to grow, you have to remember that the whole industry is now online and not only on computers. In addition, your website probably has many mobile users. Therefore, your store must be properly optimized for this target group. That means if you want your business to develop, you have to check what are the current market trends and adapt to them.

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