Check which technology will be suitable for your eCommerce business

For the last 7 years, during each sales process we conducted at BitBag, we examined whether Sylius, the platform with which we mainly cooperated, would be the right choice for our clients. However, things got a bit complicated when we started implementing the second platform, Shopware.

This is due to the fact that both platforms are similar in many respects and at first glance, it might seem that they will work well in any project. However, in reality, each is designed for a different type of customer.

Therefore, we created a short quiz to help you choose the right eCommerce technology. The form contains key questions we ask our clients initially to map the factors determining what will be better for their business.

Who is the quiz for?

The questionnaire is designed for everyone involved in the migration decision-making process, especially for:

eCommerce managers
eCommerce owners
eCommerce consultants


Identification of business needs and requirements and initial analysis of whether Sylius or Shopware will be the right choice for your eCommerce business.



Our specialists will analyze all answers. After checking the answers, you will receive a message from us informing you which of the mentioned platforms will better meet your business requirements and why.


Answer the questions