Sylius came a long way since its first commit in 2011. Undoubtedly, it is an awesome eCommerce tool that will soon become a top trend for PHP.

After the stable release, announced in September 2017, Sylius started to build their own ecosystem of business partners.

What is the ecosystem about?

Sylius partner program was kickstarted in order to scale the framework popularity and number of projects provided on top of it. Its goal is also to promote the solution by organizing events, writing blog posts and tutorials as well as plugin development. What is even more awesome, it includes a referral system - as Sylius is now focused on building their product, they decided to refer clients interested in projects on top of it to trusted partners.

How does it work?

It is simple. The more engaged you are, the better partner you become. For each effort you put into making the ecosystem stronger, you are getting score points, which decide which stage of partnership. The higher stage you have, the more benefits you get. Referrals, position on the webpage, preview to Sylius products are only a few of them.

Why we decided to join it?

Our adventure with Sylius started back in 2015, long before the stable version. In 2016, we decided to develop our first external project on top of it. We were so amazed, that we decided to provide projects on top of it only. We are scaling our business a lot since we decided to invest our resources in it. Hours we spent on Slack, providing new plugins without mentioning projects we’ve been working on for clients around the world made us love it even better and coincidentally made us experts in “the Sylius game”. During our journey, we had a great pleasure to meet each member of Sylius team by person while taking part in amazing meetups.

What we are going to do next?

Oh dear, there’s a lot we want to do. First things first - we will not give up plugin development. Right now, our GitHub is the leading Sylius plugin provider and we don’t want it to be different in the future. We are also thinking about preparing some even more awesome enterprise plugins for the Sylius marketplace. As our business is going to grow, we will probably hire more new Symfony developers and train them in order to serve even more clients. That being said, we are planning to work on bigger and more advanced Sylius projects in the upcoming future, which will include a PWA eCommerce, B2B & B2C platforms, Sylius component/bundle based Symfony apps (marketplaces, SaaS, etc.) and more plugins for more advanced software integration, like ERP & PIM. We also started rebranding our website and the new one will include more case-studies, eBooks and more information about who exactly we are and what we can do. As the ecosystem started to grow, we would love to meet other partners around the world better. We know that not all of you have a strong Sylius background, that is why we will offer IT outsourcing services as well. There are already agencies who we serve in this way. In our experience, it’s a great win-win. Not only we do know each other better - the agency gets the project done faster, often even cheaper, gets more practical experience and know-hows that cannot be found in the docs and last and not least, we open a gate for a future cooperation.

So, that is all so far. Our Sylius certificate is hanging on the wall and 2018 is going to be our year. See you on Slack, Sylius meetups and on GitHub! If there is something you want to ask me, feel free to write me an email. You will find in the page footer.

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