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Sylius/Shopware B2B/B2C eCommerce case studies

There are many different learning experiences from the top eCommerce brands. When looking for growth of eCommerce business, it is good to prepare the right marketing strategy and know your target audience. eCommerce case studies are the most straightforward way to inspire yourself and find new ideas.

Looking for an eCommerce case study? Improve customer experience and reach potential customers with reliable eCommerce solutions. Sylius eCommerce development services offer endless possibilities for creating customized products as well as platforms for eCommerce with the highest quality of code with the Symfony framework under the hood.

Getting the right Sylius eCommerce development team can lead to the project’s success. Our team of Sylius experts is able to offer the most advanced systems in the industry. Our eCommerce services are designed to help companies scale quickly, with great performance, and at the right costs, gaining more and more customers.

How does Sylius work in eCommerce? Check out reviews and testimonials. Get expert advice for your business today!

The best eCommerce case studies and business success stories

Online stores are trying to outdo each other in who will better meet customer expectations and get more potential customers.

Find out examples of brands that have set themselves the following goals: increase sales, increase revenue, increase conversions, improve the entire customer experience, get more website visitors (new leads), reduce cart abandonment, increase the sales of physical products, improve click-through rate, acquire new customers and more.

In other words – the right technology choice streamlines every company to reach those goals in their (new) eCommerce store(s).

BitBag & Sylius

We believe in developing flexible Sylius eCommerce solutions that assist businesses with growth and expansion. It can be done by our experienced Sylius development team that is dedicated to delivering best-of-breed eCommerce solutions for customers worldwide. In addition, hoosing the cooperation with Sylius Leading Partner is a guarantee of success. Check our case studies above (you may also check the blog post about top brands running eCommerce on top of Sylius).

Connect to the e-commerce world. Having an e-commerce platform can help you improve the online presence of your business by providing the best features for your website for both desktop and mobile. However, remember that you should maintain constant support of your platform to break into an often chaotic market that requires rapid growth and expansion.

Sylius – solution for business priorities

Sylius eCommerce platform is unique – it is intuitively designed and operates better than popular eCommerce systems being more precise and dynamic at the same time. Setting the e-commerce platform on top of Sylius can help you achieve your company goals. Additionally, this open-source Symfony framework-based system can reduce time-to-market, helping any business achieve its objectives quicker and expand to the world.

Sylius has a unique and flexible structure, allowing eCommerce businesses to take their next steps without sacrificing functionality.

What is the platform flow?

The business that decides to start using Sylius as the primary solution allows to reduce work time and improve functionality in development.

Sylius is a solution that requires further customizations, but business doesn’t have to create everything from scratch – many features are already covered with open-source plugins, so with just a few clicks it is possible to find a proper solution.

Common problems

If the company has a custom shop and wants to switch to other platforms, the first step should be choosing the right solution for eCommerce.

It is worth defining which tools and subsystems are needed (e.g. for logistics, marketing, etc.) and which data will be collected (in case of possible PIM integrations).

Think a bit and ask yourself some questions: Do you need a WordPress-like solution? Do you have developers? Do you want to manage a large amount of data? Do you want to serve many users? Should everyone have the same level of access to the system/data? Do you have “must-have tools”? Do you want to support many languages? Do you want to focus on content marketing? Do you have an existing customer base?

Boost sales

Based on customer needs, we may create a multi-vendor marketplace, B2B eCommerce, B2C eCommerce, e-learning platforms, and more. Sylius is perfect for any type of project with advanced functionalities that platforms like Magento don’t cover easily.

Sometimes overhyped solutions are worth noting when a company decides to implement a non-standard project.

Sylius provides many unique features to help you develop an eCommerce website. From different payments and shipping methods to plugins for sales and marketing.

Multi-vendor marketplace on top of Sylius

From dropshipped store into a fully integrated multivendor marketplace where customers can easily order online. Sylius offers a variety of possible combinations for the implementation of business logic.

Possibility to grow the online store and drive more sales

Dedicated technology teams create multiple vendor marketplaces according to a defined requirement. The quality control teams verified the delivery items before staging for the client testing. Once you have approved our implementation, you can launch your site.

Offer customers your products or services at just the right time. Taking care of the customer’s journey and focusing on marketing will definitely improve your brand recognition and conversion rates.