About our goals

At BitBag, our goal is to work with people driven by the will to develop and determination. By joining us, you will become a member of an environment that offers ideal conditions to pursue your career goals.

At BitBag, we create advanced online sales systems in PHP.

Each of our projects is carried out with the conviction: quality, not quantity. Lots of people will be using your code – keep that in mind. There is no lack of standards or arbitrariness in BitBag.

  • Only 5% of our projects come from a segment other than B2C, B2B, Multi-vendor Marketplace,
  • We only work with the Symfony framework and its components, bundles, or platforms that use it,
  • We have created our own open-source software, which has been installed several hundred thousand times around the world, and you can work on it,
  • Every day we use: Slack, Google Hangouts, Zoom, JIRA, GitHub, TravisCI, Scrutinizer and PHPStorm
    (you don’t need to know these platforms, we’ll show you onboarding what and how),
  • At BitBag, we work in small teams, which usually do not exceed five people,
  • We do daily with SCRUM Master.

Suggested earnings

15 000 – 20 000 zł NET (B2B, UoD)

What kind of person are we looking for?

We are looking for a developer with experience working with the Symfony framework. However, we do not require you to know all its documentation by heart. Instead, we are much more interested in who you are: responsible, communicative, determined, sincere, willing to develop and improve your competencies.

Would you like to know more about our philosophy? Check the entry of our CTO and BitBag co-founder.

Apply it…

  • You can propose an appropriate solution, based on the requirements,
  • You know the PHP programming language,
  • You know the Symfony framework,
  • You know the Git version control system,
  • You write clean code,
  • You have impeccable organization,
  • You know English,
  • You know what PHP is – OOP, Decorator, Dependency Injection. You have good code writing practices, PSR, SOLID, DRY, KISS standards,
  • Doctrine.

Additional skills that are welcome

  • Knowledge of PHPUnit,
  • Knowledge of Sylius,
  • Knowledge of Shopware,
  • Knowledge of Pimcore.

Remotely or in the office?

Of course, it is remotely! At BitBag, we have been working remotely since forever. However, if you do not have the conditions for this, we have an office in Wrocław at your disposal.

Why BitBag?

  • We have a quick recruitment process (See below),
  • We perfected the onboarding,
  • We give you the contract you need (B2B, UoD, UoZ),
  • We will provide you with stable and long-term employment,
  • In BitBag, you have a real influence on the company’s activities,
  • You can take part in conferences around the world,
  • You work with us for international clients, e.g., from the USA, Switzerland, France, Germany,
  • There is no overtime with us,
  • We respect work-life-balance,
  • We believe in high personal culture, understanding, openness, cooperation, and impeccable communication. We require these values ​​both from ourselves and our clients,
  • We have flexible working hours; we usually start work before 10 am – decide for yourself if you prefer to start at 6, 8 or 10,
  • Code review, tests, static code analysis,
  • We send the payment in the first days of the month,
  • 26 days off a year,
  • You will have English lessons with us during working hours,
  • We have an unlimited budget for development, convince us what you need, and we will provide it for you,
  • We have an internal library available to everyone
  • We give you medical care,
  • You have a MultiSport card with us,
  • You can participate in our gaming corner,
  • You will receive support from the Developers Guild.

Plus a great atmosphere, well-organized and enthusiastic team.
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Developers Guild

Our Developers Guild is a place for all BitBagers who need to consult and train their skills with the help of older colleagues. We meet in a small group and finally create standards for the company, passing them on to the rest of the team.

  • We regularly meet with all interested developers,
  • We share and expand our knowledge here,
  • We have a tangible impact on building coding standards in the company,
  • We are developing in the field/direction of our interest, and the company supports this.

How do we recruit?

Join us and start a new and exciting career.