As you may already know, Sylius is a great open-source framework for any eCommerce. Its flexibility allows creating almost any solution you could imagine – you have endless possibilities to personalize every aspect of the system and add to the Sylius framework as a plugin. 

Here is the key – plugins.

What are Sylius plugins?

If you are familiar with Symfony, Sylius development should not be a problem. Those plugins are nothing more but regular Symfony bundles adding custom behavior to the default Sylius application.

To understand it better, those are, for example, newsletter, wishlists, payment gateways integrations, etc. 

How to use plugins properly?

You don’t have to do all of the customizations on your own. Thanks to open-source oriented plugin development, you can find a solution that someone has already created before. Source code is available on GitHub – everyone can fork it or open an issue. Contributing to open source can be a rewarding way to learn, teach, and build experience in just about any skill you can imagine. There must be at least some life areas where people can learn from someone’s mistakes, right? 

When it comes to mistakes, you should be familiar with ten common mistakes made during Sylius development to easier avoid them.

You should know that not every customization should be made as a plugin for Sylius. If you have common logic in multiple projects or think that a feature may be useful for the community (and want to share it), you should consider the making of a plugin. In other ways, you can just make regular Sylius customization.

If you decide to create a plugin, you have to know that every plugin has documentation related to installation. Here are some steps you can see in most of them:

  • plugin installation with composer
  • configuration (including routing importing)
  • database update
  • some extra steps
Radosław Żurawski - CSO at BitBag
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To start “the Sylius plugins journey” an excellent base could be a blog post about ten open-source plugins during Sylius development we have written some time ago. You can read there about common plugins and maybe find something for your issue.

We encourage you first to read documentation to avoid making mistakes. Excellent quality is a must-have during Sylius plugins development. 

Secondly, it is crucial to provide and follow coding standards. Writing documentation of a bundle/plugin/project is part of the development process. Our team has provided a BitBagBibledocument that describes coding standards related to Sylius and Symfony. Remember that in the end, someone else is going to use your code, and he might not know each part of it. 

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BitBag open-source plugins

Long story short. We want you to take a look at some of our plugins to get familiar with the topic. Some of them you may already know. Below is a list with a short description and link to GitHub.

  • CMS Plugin – Content management system for eCommerce apps created on the Sylius platform. Built with Sylius code quality, flexibility, BDD
  • Elastic Search Plugin – Elasticsearch integration for Sylius apps.
  • Sylius Mail Chimp Plugin – Integrate MailChimp newsletter sign-in process with the Sylius platform through customer registration, account updates, or footer/modal join newsletter form.
  • SyliusMolliePlugin -The most popular and advanced payment gateway integration with Sylius. It includes recurring payments and refunds. Officially certified by Mollie’s team.
  • Wishlist Plugin This plugin allows you to integrate wishlist features with the Sylius platform app.
  • SyliusVueStorefrontPlugin – Sylius plugin integrating Sylius with Vue Storefront

We have been awarded the “Extension Artisan” badge for the huge commitment to the plugin development. In addition, we decided to distinguish the plugin development as another offered service. If you feel we can help you, feel free to reach us on social media by e-mail, this page, or the contact form below.