Using open-source is a great opportunity to deliver specific project business stages much faster and cheaper. At the same time, it comes with some risk as far as maintenance, security, and quality are concerned. Sylius itself has a vast plugin ecosystem, and there is plenty of plugins you might want to use. Which ones should you choose?


1. Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch plugin enables a powerful way to search & filter products and complex data structures in your Sylius instance. It comes with autocomplete search, sitewide search, data filtering, as well as flexible abstract infrastructure to handle additional data.


If you want to know the possibilities of this plugin, check out case study Albeco – the most powerful search engine implementation on top of Sylius.

2. Content Management System

Most eCommerce systems are content-driven. However, not every single one requires a sophisticated content management system. The BitBag SyliusCmsPlugin fits this niche. With the usage of this extension, you will easily manage basic data blocks containing WYSIWYG editor, pages, images, videos, files, and render them in Sylius compatible way.


3. Wishlist

One of the most common ways to build more engagement and higher conversion of any eCommerce website is a wishlist feature. BitBag SyliusWishlistPlugin contains a basic skeleton fulfilling wishlist requirements, including the ability to add a product to a wishlist, display the number of wishlist items, list wishlist products, and add them to the cart.


Want to test before a decision? Click through the BitBag Sylius demo built on top of the core framework.


4. MailChimp Newsletter

Currently, the Sylius open-source ecosystem contains two options for integrating with MailChimp delivered by BitBag and Setono. The first vendor delivers just the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter with a form using a single list ID and a few useful templates & scripts to make it more user-friendly. It also supports subscribing to the newsletter during customer registration and unsubscribing in the customer dashboard. The Setono plugin comes far beyond this allowing configuring multiple lists combined by channels and locales. Depending on your needs, you might want to use either the basic (BitBag) or extended version (Setono). Be aware, though, that by the time this blog post is written, the Setono MailChimpPlugin has not been released as 1.0.0 stable version.


Radosław Żurawski - CSO at BitBag
Do you want to see those plugins in action? I will guide you through the demo during the consultation.

5. Sitemap

We all know how SEO is important in building high conversion rates for most online stores. One of the basic requirements in positioning the website is indexing the specific pages in the Sitemap compatible format. Stefan Doorn’s plugin contains:

  • A sitemap index file to point to sub-sitemap files per type of data
  • Default providers: taxons, products & static content (homepage & contact)
  • Abstract architecture for new providers
  • Compatibility with BitBag SyliusCmsPlugin


6. Google Analytics

Some say that data is the most valuable asset of our century. Google understands it very well, and it became a standard to track the user’s behavior using tools like Google Analytics. Setono’s SyliusAnalyticsPlugin is an easy to use event-driven extension supporting the following events:

  • AddLibrary
  • AddPaymentInfo
  • AddToCart
  • BeginCheckout
  • Login
  • Purchase
  • RemoveFromCart
  • SignUp
  • Tag
  • UpdateCart
  • ViewItem


7. Tier pricing

The more you buy, the less you pay – we all know it. Brille24 knows it even better, and that’s probably why they created a fantastic TierPricingPlugin for Sylius. Out of the box, it adds the ability to customize the product quantity to price combinations. It also comes with a set of fixtures you can configure for dummy or even basic production data.


8. Shop Api

The headless eCommerce approach is becoming more and more popular. Mobile-first attitude and microservices are considered sexy for scalable business models. Sylius being an eCommerce framework is undoubtedly capable of handling these types of infrastructures. The vendor’s official ShopApiPlugin soon will probably become a part of the core. So far, it is an excellent extension of various API endpoints for the Shop eCommerce actions that could be connected to multiple data endpoints, including mobile devices, microservices, or third-party applications.


9. Import/export

Data exchange is a challenging part of Sylius. In case you are migrating from another platform or integrating with ERP software, you either want to import products and customers or export orders. Here’s where the FriendsOfSylius community could help you with their Import/Export plugin. It comes with abstract infrastructure with a bunch of native features, namely:

  • Enqueue support
  • Country importer (csv, excel, json)
  • Customer_group importer (csv, excel, json)
  • Payment_method importer (csv, excel, json)
  • Tax_category importer (csv, excel, json)
  • Customer importer (json)
  • Product importer (csv)
  • Country exporter (csv, excel, json)
  • Order exporter (csv, excel, json)
  • Customer exporter (csv, excel, json)
  • Product exporter (csv)


If you don’t want to deal with import/export on your own, then check out one of Our Products – Data Import/Export in Sylius.

10. Admin Order Creation

In Sylius, creating orders as admin is possible only using the impersonation feature. However, it requires more actions to be completed, and in case you want to do it as an anonymous customer or a customer that is about to be created, it won’t be possible. Sylius themselves have a solution for that – with AdminOrderCreationPlugin you will allow your admins to place orders (i.e. over the phone in B2B case) in a straightforward and UX optimized way. It will also allow creating new customers in the store with just a few clicks. How about using it as a basic POS?


Want to find out more about possible open-source Sylius plugins configuration? Take a look at the entire list of our released plugins attached below!


Haven’t found what you were looking for? Check out also Our Products page, where you will find more Sylius-dedicated solutions. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us using this page or the contact form below! We would be more than happy to tell you more about our extensions!