It has been promised and asked for quite some time. We first started working at Sylius & VueStorefront early in 2018. It was always something we wanted to do in a commercial project and open-source it later. Now we can proudly announce that due to our beloved clients, we can share great news with the whole community. The SyliusVueStorefrontPlugin is on our public Github and is ready to be adjusted in your project. 

In this blog post, we will share a few details about the architecture. 

If you are not yet familiar with what PWA or VueStorefront is you might want to check out this blog post, where we described what is PWA and how an eCommerce might benefit from the Progressive Web App approach and other solutions.

Where can I find the SyliusVueStorefrontPlugin?

We do believe in transparent software development and open-source value. Like many other plugins or extensions, we felt like other people can benefit from, you will find it on our Github. Here is the direct link. The software is licensed under MIT, similar to the Sylius-Standard edition. This means you are free to use it or customize it however you want. What’s there for us? Well, we hope that you will at least familiarize yourself with our company’s professional services and once you find out we could help you, you will reach us out.

Radosław Żurawski - CSO at BitBag
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How do I install the integration?

As mentioned above, the whole package is shipped as a plugin. Just a short reminder – a plugin in Sylius is something similar to bundle in Symfony – it requires you to use Sylius, is installable and configurable by a developer and follows certain architecture standards to make that possible. That being said, the procedure requires a developer to conduct it, but it limits to executing a composer script, configuring a few things on Sylius side and a minimum config in VueStorefront, so that he can reach out Sylius back-end. You might also want to disable the native Sylius storefront (SyliusShopBundle) as you will no longer be obligated to use it.

How do I customize the plugin?

We always try to live up to common standards. This includes Sylius development. Just by the way, we even developed a good coding standards guide called BitBagBible including also the best Sylius coding practices you might check out here

The best thing about the plugin’s architecture is that it lives up to everything you might already know from the Sylius Shop API, namely the Command Pattern and SyliusElasticsearchPlugin concepts we developed and described here. This means that many layers, architecture patterns or solutions should be familiar to you if you developed a Sylius project before. There is a whole customization section in the README, that you should take a look at before you start customizing the project.

What’s the plugin future?

As we became the VueStorefront partner, we will probably focus on more PWA projects in the upcoming future. This means that using this extension will be part of our every-day basis too and we will have a chance to put it under different conditions in various project contexts, which as a result will probably cause many new releases. However, at first, we will focus on the open issues. So long story short – expect new releases soon!

How can I contribute to this package?

The great benefit of open-source is a possibility to scale the maintenance. We will be happy to hear about your feedback, continue discussion in new issues tickets and accept awesome PRs. However, the reason that we can work on such amazing projects providing a good overall quality is driven by our great clients who allow us to open-source some parts of the projects we work on. The more projects we capture, the more open-source we do. So, if you feel like there is something we might work on together in this or any other plugin or even a project – don’t hesitate to reach us out.