Sometimes it is easier for our clients to pay for products in installments than all at once. Installment payments are a very convenient and increasingly used option in eCommerce. What’s important, the amount is divided into equal installments without interest. Thanks to our Quad Pay Plugin, you will enable your customers to shop more conveniently. Now they can divide their costs into four installments and pay them within six weeks.

How does the plugin work?

QuadPayPlugin allows you to split any purchase into 4 interest‑free installments over 6 weeks.

Why is it worth implementing a quick shopping?

  • Customers can pay for the purchase in 4 installments.

Key features for shipping subscription

  • Possibility to split any purchase into 4 interest‑free installments.


Go to admin → payment methods. Add new payment method, you should see a new option “QuadPay”.

In addition to the payment gateway, it also appears to support QuadPay.

When you click on „learn more,” you will see information about QuadPay.

It is also possible to calculate installments for a given product on the product page, but this option requires plugin development.