Advanced user permissions

Build a role-based hierarchy and decide who has permissions to manage each part of the platform. It is a priceless functionality for the company that hires many back-office workers in terms of control over the structure.

Multi-source inventory

Choose which magazine will be optimal for each shipment. Always provide your customer with up-to-date stock availability. Manage multi-located warehouses from the one place by integrating with your internal Warehouse Management System (WMS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Returns Management (RMA)

Make your return management system become your advantage over competitors. Allow your customers to go through the procedure with ease, just by clicking a few buttons in “My Account” panel.


Imagine managing multiple stores or legal entities in just one platform. It is available in Sylius Plus! Do not get distracted and control every branch in a centralized system. It is up to you which type of data will be corelated or separated.

What is more?

Customer Success Manager

In the vendor-supported version, your project will be mentored by the Customer Success Manager, who will be responsible for the compliance of the project

SLA-backed Technical Support

Working on Sylius Plus you can rely on its creators' technical experts. Provided (SLA) Service Level Agreement guarantees you a vendor's response always on time.

Project Success Assistance

In case of a more sophisticated project, you may expect vendor's consultants and engineers supervision over the whole implementation process.

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