Extend your eCommerce platform with custom plugins and exploit the potential of your software.

During dozens of Sylius platform implementations, we had to face the issue of creating and developing lots of custom, bespoke functionalities. Every single project requires different, functions and its configuration – each of them must be considered individually.

Bearing in mind how much of them we have already released, we decided to distinguish the plugin development as another offered service.

We have been awarded the "Extension Artisan" badge for the huge commitment to the plugin development.

For the last three years, since we have been working on top of Sylius, we have released over 25 eCommerce plugins. Some of them have gone public and can be found on Github, but some of them have been created for customers' private use.

How does Sylius evaluate our commitment?

List of our self-developed plugins available open-source:

CMS Plugin

Content management system for eCommerce apps created on Sylius platform. Built with Sylius code quality, flexibility, BDD.

Elastic Search Plugin

Elasticsearch integration for Sylius apps.

Mollie Plugin

The most popular and advanced payment gateway integration with Sylius. It includes recurring payments and refunds. Officially certified by Mollie's team.

Smash Promotion Plugin

Upload a video of smashing a competitive product and get a discount for the one offered by your Sylius instance. The plugin supports this whole process.

Quad Pay Plugin

This plugin allows you to integrate QuadPay payment with the Sylius platform online store.

Product Bundle Plugin

The product bundle plugin allows creating a set of products in the admin panel and buying many products at once.

Coinbase Plugin

This plugin allows you to integrate Coinbase payment with the Sylius platform app, including refunds UI integration.

Braintree Plugin

This plugin allows you to integrate Braintree payment with the Sylius platform app. It includes all Sylius and Braintree payment features, including refunding orders.

Bonus Points Plugin

The plugin extends Sylius with simple bonus points loyalty program and applies special actions for users depending on the points score. Warning, it is still under development.

Amazon Pay Plugin

This plugin allows AmazonPay payments in Sylius store and synchronizes payment state. It is capable of fetching addresses from the Amazon account.

Wishlist Plugin

This plugin allows you to integrate wishlist features with Sylius platform app.

MailChimp Plugin

Simple MailChimp integration with Sylius eCommerce framework.

Shipping Export Plugin

Shipping export management architecture for Sylius based apps.

Adyen Plugin

Sylius Adyen payments integration.

Mercanet PNB Paribas Plugin

BNP Paribas Mercanet payment gateway for Sylius based applications.

Przelewy24 Plugin

This plugin allows you to integrate Przelewy24 payments in your Sylius instance.

PayU Plugin

PayU payment plugin for Sylius applications.

DHL24 Shipping Export Plugin

DHL shipping export plugin for Sylius platform applications.

Vue Storefront Plugin DEMO

A bridge between Vue Storefront and Sylius.

Access Control Layer Plugin

This plugin allows you to create a flexible role, set its privileges and associate it to users.

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