Build the place, where suppliers meet customers. Let your clients choose your their own way - to supply, or buy!

Multi-vendor marketplace is a spot, where customers have the opportunity to buy goods from various suppliers, from various stores. To imagine – we can compare developing this kind of software to building a shopping mall. You just create the infrastructure, where transactions can be done, but you do not serve them personally. You are a kind of an intermediary.

It is a mutual profit for both owners and vendors. Owner of the platform don’t have to find product for sell and suppliers don’t have to create and maintain its own website. Both sides can focus on their business – vendor to offer best quality product, and owner to build a recognisable brand of the marketplace.

We appreciate the importance of technology in customer to customer relation. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to creating fast, UI/UX optimized and elastic apps that power up our customers’ Multi-vendor Marketplaces. During projects we have gained wide know-how in delivering MVM for fashion and entertainment. Our MVM technology stack contains custom Sylius system and Pimcore, eZ Platform for content distribution.

Our Multi-vendor Markeplace technology stack:

Unique look

As we have UI/UX designers on a board, we provide you with catchy, modern look of your store. Taking into consideration advices of the customer, we build your site the way you want. We know how to stand from the crowd!

Scalable software

Developing our MVM's we use custom Sylius infrastructure that allow us to build scalable and easily extensible eCommerce environment that can grow at a fast pace. No more struggling with limitations!

Staff permisions

Regardless you are a small or large player, delegating your team access to manage your MVM platform is a crucial thing. Our platform allows you to create various account groups with a different permissions. You decide who to empower, and who to limit.

Store Management

Products, customers, orders or promotions can all be managed on admin site within a few clicks. Feel the incredibly intuitive infrastructure of the software, do it with ease.

Software extensions

We extend our MVM's with PIM, CMS, CRM or various author's plugins. We provide also integrations such as marketing automation, omnichannel configuration, or custom workflows setup.

Mobile optimized

Over 15% off all online transactions are done using a mobile phone or tablet. Therefore, it is worth checking if your mobile website loads instantly and works properly. We enhance mobile conversions by implemeting PWA, which results in unsurpassed performance.

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