No more limitations with eCommerce software development. Focus on your business, leave the rest to us.

B2B eCommerce solutions are one of our core services. Over the years, our team has successfully implemented many different platforms customized for various clients: manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers. Our experience allows us to meet the needs of the eCommerce market and to provide high-quality and reliable B2B services.

In order to enable a great customer experience and best performance for your clients, we use cutting-edge and reliable technologies, such as:

Our B2B platforms are based on:

Tailor-made platform

We employ skilled and creative UI/UX designers to create unique, tailor-made websites, to meet customer's expectations. Let us design your layout and stand out from the crowd!

Scalable software

We use technologies that allow us to build scalable eCommerce environments, that can grow at a fast pace. No more struggling with limitations! Our experience proved, that Sylius B2B is even 30 times faster than other competitive platforms.

Data Migration

Data migration is a key to the smoooth transformation from your old platform to your new one. We have experience in migrating legacy infrastructures to a new level of eCommerce. Don't let your business go into technology debt.

ERP Integration

Integrating your eCommerce site with your back-end ERP system allows you to operate more efficiently as a business in many key ways. We can integrate various types of data - items, orders, customer's list, shippings - between independent systems.

Software extensions

We complement our platforms with PIM, CMS, CRM, Marketing Automation integrations and setup as well as omnichannel and custom workflows setup including automation, sales processes and business to business features.


We provide not only platform implementations, but we are also happy to maintain them in the long run. It is not only cost-effective, it is also time-saving and less risky. Trust eCommerce experts!

Why Sylius B2B with BitBag?

  • Official Sylius Business Partner & eZ Silver Solution Partner
  • Core contributor of Sylius B2B Platform, realased over 20+ extensions
  • More than 80 successfully implemented platforms
  • Customers from over 14 countries over the world
  • Large variety of customers - manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers
  • Vast knowledge of B2B market

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