PIM – Product Information Management

PIM – Product Information Management

Portray various product content in the most efficient way

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Product Information Management system is an application that centralizes and facilitates the creation and extension of product information in various channels. The aim of this system is to create a single source of information management about our products for many different applications (eg. ERP system, eCommerce platforms, PWA).

Our experience shows , that storing all kinds of product information in one software

brings many benefits, such as convenience and pace of work, high data quality, consistency across each channel, which results in lower costs, shorter time to market and increase in sales.

Completeness checkpoints

The system analyses entered information, thereafter controlling mechanism checks the completness of data and compliance with set requirements, which facilitate entire control of information provided to the customer.

Omnichannel data consistency

The single source data management guarantees data unification across each channel, eg. PDF brochure, printed catalogue, ERP, e-commerce system - in different languages

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